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In this article, I’ll be looking at the Guilty Gear series. It’s a 2D fighting game from Japan that’s been around for something like 10 years. I love fighters. In fact, I have a ton of memories playing Street Fighter against my friends on Genesis and SNES. When I was something like 16 or so, I got into the competitive gaming scene. My weekends consisted of traveling to nearby cities to play in video game tournaments. I’ve been a part of this scene ever since (I’m 23 now), and Guilty Gear is now my favorite 2D fighter of all time. Why? Well, the gameplay is insanely fast and requires nerves of steel. Once you learn how to play, a typical match could have your heart pounding by the end of it. But that’s not all! The music in this game is awesome!

Before I get into this, I’ll say that every match begins with the announcer yelling “Heaven or Hell? Let’s Rock!”. Guilty Gear’s theme is heavy metal. As a teenager I was all about old Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, etc. If you’re into that stuff, this game’s soundtrack will not disappoint you. Just hop on YouTube and check a match out for yourself, and you’ll see what I mean. Metal permeates not only the game’s soundtrack, but the characters themselves. Many of this game’s characters are based on metal bands or individual players. There’s a vampire assassin named Slayer, a demon named Eddy (named after Iron Maiden’s Eddy), a Scythe-wielding undead guy named Testament, and a character named Axl Low who comes complete with the bandana and long blond hair. The main character is named Sol Badguy, and is loosely based on Freddy Mercury. They even go so far as to name updates of the game with titles like “# Reload” (# being the sharp sign).

The game’s artwork is held in pretty high regard as fighters go, and the storyline itself is alright though extremely goofy at times. Arc Systems is behind this awesome series of fighting games, and I would highly recommend that anyone who appreciates a good fighter go out and pick up the latest GG to hit the States: “Guilty Gear X2: Accent Core”. It’s out on PS2 and Wii.

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