Tina Dico at the Delta Room

Tina Dico
The Delta Room (House of Blues) – San Diego, CA

Tina Dico The Delta Room (House of Blues) - San Diego, CA 5/16/2008

The Delta Room is quaint little underground room of the House of Blues in San Diego. The floor was covered with carpets that looked like area rugs sown together. The walls were red with blues paintings from the south on the walls. The lighting was minimal to compliment the mood that was being set for the night. We were all in for a treat with an acoustic set from Tina Dico.

Tina is just finishing up her US leg of her tour. The crowd was intimate, friendly, and were there for Tina.

Tina Dico The Delta Room (House of Blues) - San Diego, CA 5/16/2008

Her set for the night:

Staying Awake
You Know Better

An upbeat song with a very catchy chorus that will have you singing along.

Tina Dico The Delta Room (House of Blues) - San Diego, CA 5/16/2008 A Room with a View

Tina started acapella on this one. At the chorus of the song she broke in with her guitar. She had to compete with the noise from another artists that was in the next room. You’d think the House of Blues would sound proof their rooms for artists to play in.


This was a great little melody of some of her songs which included one of my favorites “Break of Day.” Also included in the melody was “My Mirror.”

Count to Ten

This song is the can’t miss song off her new album Count to Ten. I have taken the song on as my anthem. It is a powerful title track for the record.

Sometimes the fastest way to get is to go slow,
and sometimes you want to hold but you have to let go.
I am going to close my eyes
and count to ten.
I am going to close my eyes
and when I open them again
everything will make sense to me then.

If you check out any song of Tina’s this would be the one to download. You can download it fromiTunes or Amazon.

He Doesn’t Know

Tina says, ” I probably should have told him.” After she mentions the song title. The crowd laughs.

Tina Dico The Delta Room (House of Blues) - San Diego, CA 5/16/2008

On the Run

Another great song off the new album Count to Ten. It was great acoustically but has lots of great backing instruments on the album.

The City

This one is off In the Red, one of my personal favorites of Tina’s. It was a request from the crowd and she that she hadn’t played this one is a long time.

Cruel to the Sensitive Kind

Off of Count to Ten. This is also when she kicked the noise up and switched to a louder guitar. This song, Tina says, is a song about all the things that go on in a women’s head that a man doesn’t get. She then points out, “I guess it could go both ways.” An audience member yells out, “Who is the song written for?” Tina replies, “It’s all fiction!” Then the crowd laughs because we all know she’s hiding something from us.

Night Cab

Sacre Coeur

This one was written in Paris.

Tina Dico The Delta Room (House of Blues) - San Diego, CA 5/16/2008Encore

Warm Sand

Ok, if there were 2 songs to check out from Tina if you have never heard her music before download “Count to Ten” and “Warm Sand.” Both really great strong songs that flow.


During a conversation with the crowd regarding her Youtube videos and diaries, an audience member, actually it was the same one that asked the question before, asked why all her videos were in Danish. After arguing over the fact they are NOT all in Danish. The crowd begged for her to sing a song in Danish. It took a lot of work to do but she caved. She sang Hallelujah and it was fabulous. Its not everyday I get to hear songs sung in Danish.

I saw a guy taking the video of it with his iPhone. If I find it I’ll post it.

One Night Stand

Overall the night was something I would see all over again. The Delta Room was the perfect evironment for an acoustic set from Tina Dico and if you get a chance to catch her in your town…just go for it. She doesn’t disappoint. Watch for the interview we had with Tina prior to the show!

Photos of Tina Dico:

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