Disgaea 2

I’m surprised that it’s taken me this long to review this game, but here it is. One of my greatest addictions, despite its many flaws. Disgaea 2.


When this Atlus game was released in 2006, I was pretty much rabid to get it. I’m a huge fan of the original Disgaea (released in 2003) and had insanely high hopes for this game. Did it fulfill my expectations? Kind of. It fulfilled them enough that I’ve already put 300 hours into this game. Maybe you can guess how many I’ve put into the original?

Disgaea is the SRP for Playstation 2 that Final Fantasy Tactics was for the original Playstation. If you like strategy games, then you need this game. If you like games you can literally play forever, then you need this game. If you are a completionist (like I am) then you may never get 100% in this game and it will drive you nuts. I still haven’t gotten all the pirate maps, and have yet to see The Land of Carnage.

Yes, you kill Pirates in this game, and you pilfer their maps. This game is nuts! Nippon Ichi (the developer) definitely went all out by pushing limits on this game. The colors are very vibrant, the music is over-the-top, and the gameplay is top-notch for strategy lovers. It’s a grid based game, and characters level up both themselves as well as their skills. There’s a decent array of weapons, armors, and accessories to aquire and a few secret characters well worth getting. The extra missions like the pirates and the dark assembly in the infinite Item Worlds give this game that extra level of satisfaction that the original couldn’t quite reach.

However, the reason the original Disgaea is probably a better game is because the characters and storyline in Disgaea 2 are just terrible. You just can’t care about them because they’re just so generic. Boy with unknown parents has unknown powers. Cute girl with snotty attitude has super-powerful alter ego. You get where I’m going with this. Unfortunately the whole storyline is so flat and guessable that you almost find it insulting at times. Axel might be the worst side-character ever. Adell is one of the most generic heroes ever, and his voiceovers will have you grinding your teeth after a while.

Unfortunately the music is just as bad. Not only is there a lack of variety in it throughout the game, each track is overbearing and too loud in itself. Even if some of the music is a good breather from the rest of the music (such as when the pirates come in on the Item World) it’s not much of a reprieve. Between the voice-acting and the background music, you might find yourself muting this game and putting on the stereo. This is a game that’s sadly sometimes more enjoyable in silence.

All this being said, Disgaea 2 is definitely worth playing. When I get bored with my other games, I always find myself coming back to good old Disgaea. The great thing about this game is that as long as you spend your time in the Item World instead of in story battles, you don’t have to listen to the story. I find that sad, but the gameplay in this game is so good that I can overlook it. Not only that, anyone who loves the characters from the original story is going to find a nice surprise with this sequel! Go play this game!

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