Motion City Soundtrack on Honda Civic Tour

Motion City Soundtrack
The Eagles Ballroom – Milwaukee, WI

Motion City Soundtrack milwaukee 5

Out of all the concerts I have been to in my life (hundreds by now!), I have NEVER seen a band care about their fans as much as Motion City Soundtrack. During their performance at the Milwaukee stop on the Honda Civic Tour, the band stopped midsong not once, but TWICE, to help a fallen fan in the crowd. The frontman, lead singer and guitarist for the band, Justin, stopped singing and playing in the middle of two different songs, once near the beginning of their set and again towards the middle, to make sure a fan was helped up and not trampled. I was genuinely surprised that he cared that much. I mean, that’s what happens at shows with a GA floor – kids get mushed together and fall down, get hit in the face by elbows, have crowd-surfers land on their heads, etc. It’s what you should expect if braving the pit. But usually bands don’t see the dangerous stuff happen, or if they do, the show must go on, injured kids or not…so hats off to MCS for caring about the little people!!!

Motion City Soundtrack milwaukee 3

I tried to get a setlist after the band walked off stage, but alas, I was not aware of the tradition that the guys have. My friend Ashley interns at Feisty Management, the company that manages Motion City, and she informed me of the reason why I couldn’t convince a security guy to rescue a setlist for me. Apparently, the band always crumples up their setlists into little waded up balls of paper and throws them into the audience or hands them to fans up on the barricade at the end of their show. And yes, while I think that is cool of them to do that, I really wanted a setlist! I like to remember the songs a band plays at a show that I am specifically at, but whatever…at least they played two of my favorite songs of theirs – Everything Is Alright and Let’s Get Fucked Up And Die.

Motion City Soundtrack milwaukee 4

For some reason, the band never plays my third favorite songs of theirs – When “You’re” Around. I saw them perform at Lollapalooza last summer and hoped they would play that song, but they didn’t! I was bummed. But now the band is out on the Honda Civic Tour promoting their new album, Even If It Kills Me, so I totally understand why they can’t always play the old songs. I am a proud owner of their latest record, seeing as how my best friend bought the album for me as a (belated) Christmas present. Awww…love you Claire!

Motion City Soundtrack milwaukee 1

Make sure you check out Motion City Soundtrack when the Honda Civic Tour comes to a city near you! My friend Zach told me at the show that he really only cared about seeing MCS that night and that Motion City was the only band he was truly excited about watching and hearing the new music live. So you should still go to the concert, even if you only want to see one band – it is worth it!

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  1. lisa says:

    I totally agree with you on this. Well put. Motion City are some of the most geniune musicians in the industry today in my opinion :)

  2. Katie says:

    I saw Motion City at the chicago show and they were amazing as always. That’s really awesome that they stopped playing TWICE to help a fan. It realyl shows that they care. Awesome review and AMAZING pictures!

  3. The Photos are awesome! Looks like they actually had light on the stage. Go figure, what a concept, right? ;-)

  4. Ellen says:

    I was thinking of going to honda civic and the only reason I wanted to go was motion city. I think they’re a great band that’s incapable of writing a bad song.
    Its great that they stopped the song. Their crowd gets so crazy sometimes! I tried to get the setlist last time I saw them too, but the girl next to me got it. They did exactly like your friend said they did. I did get a pick and I still have it! They’re amazing.

  5. Claire says:

    I totally love the band, and the tribute! Thanks for the shout out, and I’m glad the Christmas present is being put to good use! This is now my favorite review. :) Great job Jen!

  6. Ebony says:

    I liked it seeing as it was my first time seeing them, they are really good and worthy of this blog!

  7. Ashley says:

    The pictures turned out awesome. The show was great.


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