The Classic: Super Mario Brothers


I felt it was about time to cover the most classic game of all classic console games: Super Mario Brothers by Nintendo. This game was released by Nintendo for the NES and changed my life in 1985. I guess that completely dates me, eh? The funny thing, and the reason I decided to cover Mario Bros. this week, is because it’s so absolutely classic that people think of these songs all the time and don’t realize they’re doing it. Amazingly, this game only had four tracks within it!

This time it was my dad humming in the kitchen, but I’ve caught myself doing it at work. One of the favorite things I like to say to my co-workers is, “Sorry, Mario. The princess is in another castle.” They don’t always understand what I’m saying, but most of them do. Everybody remembers Super Mario Brothers–it’s the classic. It was the first in so many things. If I need to explain the gameplay of this game to you, then you have probably never played a video game. Simple but perfect, at least at the time. Even by today’s overpowered gaming standards, I can still get a kick out of this game. Not quite sure where you’d get a copy though, since even Gamestop stopped selling it some time ago, after selling it for as little as 10 cents a game. A buddy of mine had a wall made out of these games. Literally. My best guess would be Ebay or the flea market. Since sometimes it’s hard to find an NES, you can even try getting an emulator for the game–it’s worth it.

But I digress. For those of us who are retro gamers, this music is unforgettable. Music in games was definitely simpler back then, but not less awesome than music today. Every once and a while you hear this music as a ringer on someone’s cell phone–this music is still a real part of our culture now (over 40 million copies of Super Mario Brothers have been sold between this game and all its sequels). If you’ve never played Super Mario Brothers, you definitely need to. It’s one of the roots of the history of video games, and even if there are only four tracks in the entire game, I would bet that you’ll remember every one.

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