John Barleycorn-Schaumburg, IL

John Barleycorn
1100 American Lane
Schaumburg, IL 60173


 Located just west of Woodfield Mall, Barleycorn opened their doors on March 14. I have heard mixed reviews so I figured I would check it out to see what all the hub-bub was about. I heard it was ridiculous to get into so I thought I would wait out the novelty of a new bar.

This place is huge! It has 2 stories filled with flat screen TVs on every wall, the lower level consists of bar to the left & dinning on the right. The second floor is a big dance floor with three monster bars, a 5 foot stage, and a dozen booths for bottle service along either side. There is an outdoor patio that will be very convenient this summer. The sound system & lights are superb! There is a catwalk that starts backstage & goes over head leading to the soundboard & DJ booth.

The bartenders were fast, polite, & posh. There are some good lookers working here. Especially in the club area! Guys wore black button downs & girls wore black corsets. But good luck making your way up there! Trying to get upstairs was a bumble f***! We waited in line because they don’t let anyone up until 9pm. After waiting forever we got to pay the lovely fee of $10. Way too pricy for seeing a cover band! Then I held up the line waiting to get my damn hand stamped. There seemed to be a whole lota security. Even when the band started they were standing with their backs along the stage like a barricade. Weird! The cleaning crew was on top of their game, constantly clearing up any empty glasses or bottles, and any spillage on the floor. Then there were the drinks. Holy Expensive Batman! My first drink was a Bacardi & Red Bull, $8.00, then I went to order a beer and it was $5.00. Are you serious!? We were in Schaumburg right! Not downtown. I couldn’t even enjoy my beer because it was so expensive. Needless to say I stopped drinking after that.

Live bands & DJ’s play upstairs on weekends. Bands start at 10pm and play until midnightish and then a DJ will spin until 3am. Last night DJ SPEED was on deck. JAY-R incorporates live video mixing while simultaneously spinning. By combining an audio & visual performance the night is sure to be exceptional.

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  1. Lori says:

    What about the music? Rock, country, r&b? Or is it different every night or a mix every night all night?

  2. Michelle says:

    This place is a complete waste of time and money. On their website they said they were going to be showing a UFC fight and there would be no cover charge. We get there and they are not showing the fight and there is a $10 cover they didn’t even have a band playing. The music sucked and was way too loud. The drinks were too expensive $10 & up for mixed drinks, $5 for beer when you could even get a bartender to make you a drink because half the time they would socialize with their co-workers. We had a party of 15 people pay their cover and after one person had 3 beers in the course of 3 hours was asked to leave for no reason. No one could tell us why or give us a valid reason. There are mooches in the bathroom collecting $ everytime you want to use the bathroom. There are cops in the parking lot right in front of the door waiting for you to go to your cars. The food is expensive and not that great.

  3. keith says:

    thought it was a great time and met the love of my life…(Mr. Nic Bauguss)…while i was sipping a delicious cranberry/vodka

  4. Emi Bieber says:

    I am so excited for the B96 SoBe Life Water Jingle Bash afterparty! Jay Sean’s gonna be partyin with me! :)

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