Matthew Santos: Superstar in the Making

Matthew Santos
Martyrs – Chicago, IL
5/22/08Matthew Santos Martyrs Chicago, IL

This was my first time seeing Matthew Santos perform live and let me tell you, it was quite different from what I knew of him before, which is all the Lupe stuff. You know what I’m talking about – American Terrorist, Superstar and Fighters – the three Lupe Fiasco songs that Matthew sings on. But just because it was different hearing Santos play solo with his own band, doesn’t mean it was bad – that’s not what I’m saying at all! It was so refreshing hearing what Matthew truly sounds like when he plays his own material. And for those that don’t know already, he sounds awesome.  FYI: Matthew, a jazzy-funk induced singer/songwriter, and his band fall under the indie/folk/rock genre of music.  No rap for this guy when performing his own headlining shows.

Matthew Santos Martyrs Chicago, ILThe thing that completely won me over is Matthew’s vulnerability. He played a new song of his and pretty much butchered it. He had to start over from the beginning not once, not twice, but THREE times before he got the notes right and could finish the song! The audience could tell that he was embarrassed, but we were all either too drunk or found him too adorable to even care. Most of the crowd thought the sight of an artist up on stage making all these mistakes was hilarious. Santos kept apologizing for messing up and being “unprofessional.” Honestly, though – I LOVED the fact that he couldn’t remember the notes to a song he had recently written. It made me realize that this musician who was just on tour with Kanye West of all people, is human. He is a real person living in the same world as me who makes mistakes just like every other human being on this planet.

That, and the fact that his own music (w/o Lupe) is amazing, is what makes me a huge Matthew Santos fan.  It also helped that his keyboard player is a girl and has a great voice. I am a sucker for girls who play the piano. Seeing as how I am one of them myself – I totally respect them. Need more information on Matthew? Read the interview I had with Matthew here.

Photos by Pamela Luedeke

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