Alanis Morissette: Flavors of Entanglement

AlanisMorissette Flavors Of Entanglement

It’s being dubbed “The Breakup Album,” previously I heard it was supposed to be her dance album, it’s more of The Breakup Album. It’s not as edgy as Jagged Little Pill, but its deeper and more synthesized. She sings of how she loved and how she is alone. It’s a very hypnotic album. I have listened to it 3 times now from’s The Leak. I really want to just recommend a couple songs to check out, but I am having a hard time deciding which ones. This is one of those albums that I can listen and enjoy the entire thing. It’s been awhile since one of those albums has crossed my path.

My Recommended tracks:

Track 1: Citizen of the Planet

Track 2: Underneath – The upbeat track that has the most recent Alanis signature sound.

Track 3: Straitjacket – The upbeat possible “dance track” on the album that actually has the most hate involved. It’s about how the significant other and her couldn’t communicate.

Track 4: Versions of Violence – The low key of her voice makes this track deep, melodic, and dark. It’s very reminiscent of her cover of Seal’s “Crazy.” This is a great song that should be listened to.

Track 5: Not as We: The slow ballad of the album

Track 6: In Praise of the Vulnerable Man

Track 7: Moratorium – The Song where she states she’s on hiatus on relationships and commitments.

Track 8: Torch – The other strong song on Flavors of Entanglement. This is truly “The Breakup Song” on the album. I highly recommend this track.

Track 9: Giggling Again for No Reason

Track 10: Tapes

Track 11: Incomplete

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  1. Working on a Link for Mac Users to listen.


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