NIN Free Album The Slip: Download it Free and Legally

NIN logoDid you download your free and 100% legal copy of Nine Inch Nails’s The Slip yet? I just downloaded mine a few minutes ago. I don’t know why it took me so long to just go download it from the NIN site.

The greatest feature of downloading the album was actually before downloading it. A smart move on Trent’s half was offering multiple format options. Fans have the ability to choose from High Quality MP3, FLAC losseless, FLAC High Definition 24/96 (24bit/96kHZ audio), M4A Apple Lossless, and High Definition WAVE 24/96. Now that’s what I call shopping for music!

There are always the people who are against artists giving their music away for free. I think some artists need to realize music was devalued by the free-for-all Napster. It’s very hard to take something that was on the market for free, and still is, to value again. The industry won’t recover from that and everybody has to move on. When I say move on I mean lets come up with some solutions that benefit everybody. I know my wheels are always turning and already have ideas in the making.

I’ll review The Slip in a couple days…keep your eye out!

UPDATE: It’s funny I mentioned the formats that are available to download for the NIN album, here’s an article about the push for higher quality formats online.

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