Mark your calendars, Festival season is here! Here is yet another summer festival packed with live music, camping, RV-ing, lodge living, keynote presentations, panel discussions, workshops, film screenings, and audience Q&A sessions.

The festival site is located at The Double JJ Ranch where you will have access to lakes, beach front, trails, forests, fields, onsite lodging, bars, & restaurants.

This festival offers pampering packages such as the Good Life Package where you can enjoy onsite lodging in one of their log homes, log cabins, bunkhouses, or VIP RV Park with exclusive access to swimming pools, hot tubs, a cowboy town with a general store, bars, restaurants, and much much more.

evelyn evelyn hoop danceers

Don’t miss out on Rothbury’s Circus and Theatre shows including acts such as Evelyn Evelyn. Born in September of 1985 on a small farm in Kansas, the Evelyns are Parapagus Tripus Dibrachius twins, sharing between them three legs, two arms, three lungs, two hearts, and a single liver. Or The Kaivalya Hoop Dancers. A blend of dance, hula hooping, prop manipulation, and costumery.

Check out Rothbury @

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