Lucky Number 13: I can’t wait!

The Cure
Cox Arena-San Diego, CA

Robert Smith

The band from Crawley, Sussex formed in 1976 and they’re still going. This was a show not to be missed. Cox Arena for SDSU was a first time event location for me. As we walked in the opening act was just finishing up. They sounded pretty good, but I didn’t catch their name. As we wove our way to the seats the arena continued to fill in. Since it is a sports arena the seats are at such an angle that you can still see over the top of people heads. That’s always nice since I’m always the lucky one with the tallest person in front of me. Enough about me though….

With the lights down low the band members strolled onto the stage one by one. The darkness and video backdrop with footage of stars against the night sky was in tribute to their Greatest Hits album. It set the tone for the fun night it would play out to be. Of the original band members lead singer/songwriter, guitarist Robert Smith is the only original member. Well known for his wild hair, pale face paint, and ruby red lips he did not disappoint. (Some things don’t ever have to change.) On stage he sang and played guitar soulfully throughout the night. The set lasted initially for an hour and a half playing songs like Let’s Go to Bed, A Forest, The Lovecats, Just Say Yes, High, Never Enough, Lovesong, etc. Then the band went off stage and as Robert Smith left the stage something seemed wrong…

They came back for an encore after what seemed like only a few minutes. The crowd was ecstatic. Robert Smith made a comment to the crowd about having hurt his lip during the previous set, but he would press on. And press on he did, covering favorites like Wendy Time, Cut, End, Apart, Letters to Elise, (my personal favorite) Friday I’m In Love, and many more.

His accent was a bit difficult to understand when he spoke between songs, but nobody seemed to mind. He did tell the crowd when they performed a new song from their upcoming 13th album. I believe it may have been called “Freakshow.” The album is due for release in October and is reportedly a double album at a single album price.

“I’d say it was the longest running set I’ve ever seen a band perform. They did not 1, but 3 encores if I can call them that because each one lasted about 30 mins. The band performed for 3 hours total, and the crowd simply adored them. Visit their site to find out more about their upcoming release!

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  1. It sounds like it was reminiscent of Kenny Chesney the other night. I mean in the aspect of artists playing what feels like their entire catalog! Lucky You!

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