Canada’s New Legislation for the Digital Age

Canada introduced new legislation in Parliament on Thursday that would make it legal for users to copy their music onto their mp3 or portable devices, unlike it is in the United States.

This bill also pardons the ISPs from being in violation of copyright laws by their customers. Although they still are required to take down copyright violations.

Another aspect of the bill allows recording television and radio programs to watch at a later time and date. This practice is dubbed “time shifting.” The catch, the recorded material must not be permanently on the device.

Of course, there are opponents to the bill that are saying that this protects customers to an extent but once the program or show is permanently on your device that’s when all rights and protection are lost and the fines come into play. The fines for Canadian violators start at $490 to a maximum of $19,600 American dollars.

For those who sell or provide ways to unlock or hack the digital protection on the copyrighted material will also be facing fines.

The government still has not plan on how to enforce the new laws and regulations.

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