Ladytron Hits Chicago!

The Vic Theatre – Chicago, IL

LADYTRON The Vic Theatre - Chicago, IL 6/17/2008

Ladytron is currently on tour with the Norwegian dance rock group Datarock and on Tuesday they played The Vic Theatre.

The electro-pop four piece released their fourth studio album entitled Velocifero earlier this month and it just might be the album that pushes them into commercial success. Ladytron’s complex production provides for a great mix of catchy tunes, synthy rhythms and the right amount of electronic influence that makes their dark sound a little brighter.

Ladytron is also responsible for some great remixes for artists such as Nine Inch Nails, Gang of Four, Goldfrapp and Bloc Party.

Last night’s show had what I can only describe as all looks and not much show. I had arrived on time to catch the amusing acts of Datarock, who, by the way, are a terrific example of group performance. Between acts I was happy because I didn’t find myself waiting too long for Ladytron’s set up. The room filled and by 8:30 they were ready to go out.

LADYTRON The Vic Theatre - Chicago, IL 6/17/2008Starting off the show, I was eager because this was my first time seeing Ladytron and I had heard good things. I saw about a million keyboards set up and four giant light boards as their back drop. With all the equipment onstage, I was prepared for a great light display to go along with the cool sounds of Ladytron. The light show, however, never ended up taking off; just fancy stage setup but no real delivery.

Lead singer Mira Aroyo’s stage presence was very dull with a few foot-taps here and there. And while Ladytron’s music doesn’t really set up for a high-energy dance around, movin’ and groovin’, there still could have been a connection made that in the end wasn’t.

LADYTRON The Vic Theatre - Chicago, IL 6/17/2008It wasn’t all bad though. “Black Cat” and “Runaway” were the best songs of the night and it was nice to see the hardcore Ladytron fans enjoying themselves. I appreciate the dedication people can have with their favorite acts, singing along to every song, even the ones in Bulgarian.

All around it was a very stiff performance. I would still recommend Ladytron albums (604 was great) but something about Tuesday’s show just wasn’t right.

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