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  • The Acoustic Ramblings of Jesca Hoop

    Jesca Hoop
    Troubadour – West Hollywood, CA

    Jesca Hoop Troubadour - West Hollywood, CA 6/19/2008

    It was a hot, hot, hot Hollywood night. Really, it was hot and it was 9pm. It shouldn’t be hot at 9pm. I digress, Jesca Hoop opened for Martha Wainwright last night at the Troubadour in West Hollywood.

    Jesca is a young women with extra ordinary talent. I would describe her music is a folk/singer-songwriter music with lots of heart and melody. Tonight was a great night that showcased Jesca’s talent acoustic. She was accompanied by Lissie and Nicole on harmony.

    Between songs Jesca would stop to talk to the audience. Most of the time we all were commenting on how hot it was in there. We all felt we were baking in the oven. You’d think the Troubadour was burning with the heat that was generated inside.

    Jesca Hoop Troubadour - West Hollywood, CA 6/19/2008Jesca also stopped to re-tune her acoustic guitar at one point. It was taking her much longer than it had usually that night. She asked the crowd not to leave, jokingly of course. She also said,”I don’t know how to tune my guitar.” A man in the audience shouted,”Is it in standard?” Jesca replied with, “I’m not stupid! I know how to tune my guitar, Stupid!!” This may be one of those things that gets lost in writing but was hilarious as the word came out of her mouth. She put a great emphasis and twist on the word stupid to make it very entertaining.

    Jesca Hoop Troubadour - West Hollywood, CA 6/19/2008

    Overall, Jesca showed she can pull a acoustic show off with a feeling that you sit on her back porch with her and friends playing music, some really great folk-like music.

    I really want to see her with the “full band.” Get over to her Myspace to check her newest release and tour dates. Alas, most of her set from the night is not currently on her Myspace play list, looks like you will just have to see her live.

    Jesca’s Set:

    Whispering Light
    Seeds of Wonder
    Crazy People
    Murder of Birds
    Hunting My Dress

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