Plain White T’s Reveal their Big Bad World

Plain White T’s
Taste of Chicago
Petrillo Music Shell – Chicago, IL

Plain White T's grant parkTom Higgenson – Vocals

The Hometown heroes, the Plain White T’s, revealed a few new songs from their upcoming album, Big Bad World. The new record will be released on September 23rd. The guys performed three new ones, only two of which I can remember the title of, especially since one is the same as the album: Big Bad World and Natural Disaster. Just as I expected, Big Bad World is catchy with an instantly memorable hooky guitar riff intro and chorus and is bound to be released as the first single to radio. I actually laughed out loud when I heard the intro to this new song because it is such a Tom Higgenson song. I give this guy a lot of credit because he is truly a gifted songwriter. He is a go-to guy for short, catchy standard pop songs. I can totally see it being their next big commercial hit after their GRAMMY nominated Song of the Year – Hey There Delilah.

Plain White T's grant parkTom Higgenson – Vocals

Plain White T's grant parkDave Tirio – Guitar

Not even the rain could stop these five guys from having a blast performing in the city that made them famous. I was talking about the T’s to a staff member at the Taste who saw them too and she couldn’t stop exclaiming how “into it the lead singer always was throughout the whole show!” For those of you who don’t know, she is referring to lead singer (and sometimes acoustic guitarist) Tom Higgenson. Thinking about it now, he really did treat each song as a story and somewhat acts out the plot line. It’s evident when you are watching his facial expressions and body movement. For instance, during the band’s two what I call “mean” songs – Revenge and Hate (I Really Don’t Like You) – Tom was visibly trying to act pissed off and angry to the point where he wanted to punch somebody in the face. But alas, that dude just has the “nice guy” look. Not kidding, I don’t think he could even kill a bug if you asked him to.

Plain White T's grant parkMike Retondo – Bass, Vocals

Besides the new songs from upcoming album Big Bad World, the Plain White T’s still managed to play their old hits, which just happen to be my personal favorites. I have to be honest though, I was kind of upset that they didn’t play any songs from their very first album, Stop. The majority of die-hard fans would say that the Stop album contains some of the band’s best work to date. My favorite song on that record is also the title track – Stop. I always hope that the T’s will play that song whenever I see them in concert, but alas, they never do. I understand that they have to promote their latest release – Every Second Counts – but they should somehow make their set longer to fit the oldies in.

Plain White T's grant parkTim Lopez – Guitar, Vocals

Some songs from their set at the Taste included (in no particular order):


Take Me Away

Our Time Now

You And Me

All That We Needed

Hey There Delilah – GRAMMY nominated Song of the Year!

Big Bad World – new!

Natural Disaster – new!

Hate (I Really Don’t Like You)

Let Me Take You There

Write You A Song

So Damn Clever

Friends Don’t Let Friends Dial Drunk


Plain White T's grant parkDe’Mar Hamilton – Drums

Some songs I wish they would have played:

Sad Story




Making A Memory

Here are more photos from the show on Sunday.  Click on each photo to see a larger image:

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  1. Alli says:

    wow. tom sure has a nose on him. great pictures.

  2. Jennifer says:

    i know, right?! his nose is huge.

  3. Jennifer says:

    new songs are great!

  4. lisa says:

    One thing is for sure the plain white t’s are a staple of local music in chicago. I do agree that they need to inculde some oldies in the mix!


  5. angie says:

    I wish i could have stayed. I left because of thee weather. I love the pwt’s and have been to over 12 shows. I’m sad to hear they didn’t play much of their older music- which I feel is way better than the newer stuff.

  6. Ellen says:

    I always wish they would play more stuff from “All the we needed”, I like it more than “every second counts”. The set list looks good though.

  7. jade says:

    tom is hot but yeah so i’m not the olny one who things he has a big nose and he go a hair cut but he still is the hotest guy alive

  8. veronica says:

    im angies god daughter


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