Joan Osborne Hits the San Diego Fairgrounds

Joan Osborne
San Diego Fair – Del Mar, CA

Joan Osborne San Diego Fair - Del Mar, CA 7/5/2008

Joan Osborne is best known as a Grammy nominee for her hit “One of Us” but the majority of her songs stray from that popular sound that made that song famous. None the less, each song she sang demonstrated her-talent as a singer songwriter with soul and blues.

Right off the bat we knew seeing Joan at the Paddock Stage at the Fair was not the most appropriate setting for her. She sounds like she needs a grand piano behind her in a smoke filled bar with every patron sipping martinis.

Near the beginning of her set she noted that someone slipped her a note that asked to play a Dead song. Not completely knowing her performance background I thought it was odd to ask for a Grateful Dead song. I then found out during 2003 to 2006 she toured with the likes of the Dixie Chicks, The Dead, and Phil Lesh and Friends. It all makes sense now.

Joan Osborne San Diego Fair - Del Mar, CA 7/5/2008

Joan also played several new songs off her new album Little Wild One due out September 9th. She asked the crowd if they wanted to hear more new songs or maybe some songs they would recognize. The crowd wanted more new songs. I must say, I really liked her new songs its just too bad I don’t have song names for them.

At the tail end of her set she played her radio hit “One of Us” and we were thinking, how does someone follow up their biggest radio hit to an audience that majority knows her for that one song? Joan did it with playing a dancing tune. She had the crowd that was sitting on the lawn the entire time on their feet dancing.

Everyone seemed to have a great night even if it was getting a little chilly out.

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