Twitter: It’s a Social Disease

Jessica: “Really need to Twitter this!” (sitting at the Robert Plant Concert)

Sparky: “What the Hell is Twitter?” (sitting next to me at the Robert Plant concert)

twitter logo

Twitter is what some call “Social Messaging.” It’s a service where you can stalk track your friend’s move, at least the ones they want you to know about. People usually post where they are going, what they are doing, or just things they find interesting on the net. It’s a great little tool for bloggers or people with lots of friends.

The problem is if too many people, or if only 2 of your were to go ahead and sign up, on Twitter the servers go down. The guys at Twitter haven’t learned to grow with all their users yet, so sometimes it’s frustrating to use. Since Jeff Bezos of Amazon has invested in the company maybe they will be able to pay more people to scale it.

The big talk is that not many outside the Tech Sector or Silicon Valley know about Twitter, which I am finding is true. So if you hear that one of your friends Twitter, don’t worry its not a disease yet, just an obsession.

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  1. Yvette says:

    love the message about a certain someone’s bra. too funny!

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