Live Nation has Their Grip on Another Top Artist

Nickelback has just signed up for a “multi-rights deal” which sounds like a 360 deal, but without saying the now infamous terminology, with Live Nation. Their deal is slated to be worth $50 to $70 million according to Billboard. Live Nation will have their stake in Nickelback which includes “touring, tour sponsorship, tour merchandise, tour VIP/travel packages, secondary ticketing, recorded music, clothing, licensing and other retail merchandise, non-tour sponsorship and endorsements, DVD and broadcast rights, fan club, Web site and literary rights” also according to Billboard.

Sounds like someone just sold their soul to the devil and I’m betting that is one contract that would be hard to get out of; not that label contracts were easy to get out of either. Live Nation now owns Nickelback like they do Madonna. Live Nation’s next target….Shakira.

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