Metro Station Makes Crowd ‘Shake It’

Metro Station
Congress Theater – Chicago, IL

Metro Station congress theaterMason Musso, Vocals-Guitar

Metro Station

opened up for Good Charlotte and Boys Like Girls when the Soundtrack Of Your Summer Tour stopped in Chicago this past Tuesday night. But they didn’t just open for the other two more well-established bands, they pretty much stole the show and completely won over the entire sold out crowd! We are talking almost 4,000 people here. If someone in the audience had never heard of Metro Station before the show, by the end of the band’s set, they were a fan for sure. Those songs are so infectious!

Metro Station congress theaterBlake Healy, Synth-Beats-Bass

Personally, I was looking forward to Metro Station’s set than any of the other, bigger bands. I have seen Metro Station twice before and bought the album right after the second show. I had NEVER heard of them before I saw them open for Cobra Starship (btw – what is THAT band doing now? where are they?!). But by that second show, I knew I would be a fan for life. The four guys are young, very young – all under 21. I felt like the oldest fan in an audience filled with middle school and high school kids (95% girls too).

Metro Station congress theaterTrace Cyrus, Vocals-Guitar

I wish the band had a longer set because I really want to hear them play every song on their debut album, Metro Station. At least they played my two personal favorites: Disco and Shake It. Here are some songs I remember from their too-short set:


Shake It


Seventeen Forever

Wish We Were Older

Tell Me What To Do


Metro Station congress theaterMason

One thing I noticed about Metro Station’s live show though, is that a lot of the music is pre-recorded. Guitarist Trace Cyrus hardly ever played his instrument, while lead singer and guitarist Mason handles the majority of the singing and guitar playing. Trace also sings, well more like “talk-sings” if you know what I mean. It’s not so much melodic singing like Mason’s vocals, but just talking. I have a cousin who does that and it always drove me crazy! But with Trace talking and Mason singing, the verses and choruses come together quite nicely. Also, while there is a drummer and a keyboardist, there is no bass player. So the bass line that you hear at their show must be a backing track programmed into Blake’s synthesizer. It was weird seeing a band without a bass player. Maybe since Trace doesn’t play much guitar on stage, he could pick up the bass and contribute more…

Metro Station congress theaterTrace

However, I do give these teenagers major props for putting on one hell of a show. The dudes have soo much energy – it is contagious. You can’t help but dance along with the techno-dance songs they write and perform. If you’re not a dancer (or just don’t dance in public), you will still tap your foot to the beat and bop your head along to the music. Seriously, their songs are catchy as hell, even if they are about two minutes long.

Metro Station congress theaterTrace

Sorry everybody, but I couldn’t get a solid photo of drummer Anthony Improgo. He was drumming like a mad man and wouldn’t sit still long enough for me to get a non-blurry shot.

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  1. cathy says:

    I was at the show! I too went to the concert for just Metro Station. They were the only band i cared about that night!

    There WAS a lot of the young teenage girls there! I felt a bit out of place at that concert too(i’m 21). First time i felt that way at any concert!

  2. Claire says:

    I wish I could’ve been there~I totally would’ve been dancing along! Their songs are so catchy.

  3. Breeona says:

    omg ive never seen hawter boys in mi life there music is soo tuching and ive been listining to them sence they came out even b4 there were popular! i love you guys!!! TRACE U R HAWTER THAN THE SUNNN BABY BAOY!

  4. kayteebrown says:

    OMG Cathy, I know.
    There were like. 10 year old girls screaming and wailing.
    I left early. I didn’t see GC/BLG, but I was out in the merch table no joke. RIGHT in front when Trace and Mason came out ;]] I got to freak out a little bit, haha.

  5. Valerie says:


    I know what you mean, Kaytee.
    I’m 17 but I still felt WAY out of place when I was at the concert, haha. But anyways, I came just for them too! They are just a great band, I love them so much!

    But I don’t see what the obsession over Trace is. He’s pretty lame, haha.

    Otherwise, great band.

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