Butterfly Social Club

Butterfly Social Club
722 W. Grand Ave
Chicago, IL 60610

I first heard about the Butterfly Social Club through a good friend who found a clip about it on Metromix. This club was to exude organic quality from their décor to their eco-friendly menu. The interior was described as a living entity. It was a forest/hobbit hole growth in the middle of the city. There was hand sculpted walls & trees that also functioned as seating. All alcohol, juices, & tonics are certified organic or grown & produced in an eco-friendly environment. Their four bathrooms were each decorated as one of the natural elements: Earth, Wind, Fire, and Air. The club was also solar and wind-powered. Patrons could even help power the DJ booth by peddling on bikes. Guests who peddled were rewarded with discounts on drinks.

Since this club just opened their doors on Earth Day 2007 I was surprised to hear that they were having a “sneak peek” reopening party. I was super stoked to check out the club so I quickly sent in my RSVP. I was looking forward to trying some organic concoctions while sitting on a man made tree stump. When I pulled up you could see the big butterfly window changing colors from the party inside. I was getting excited. After finally finding some street parking I made my way inside. *Ugh* How disappointing! This place didn’t seem remodeled at all. In fact it didn’t even seem ready to reopen. They took out all the eco-friendly décor & had plain white walls. The booths were salvageable rubble from Cabrini Green which formed the foundation of the benches that were once filled with forest nature are now replaced with unpadded wooden booths. Ok, so I really don’t know what the material was but I do know it was not comfy. The specialty drinks of the evening were martini’s that had vodka with a variety of flavored syrups to choose from or organic beer. The martini’s were tasty but nothing special & the beer was cold. Sadly, I will not be coming back here any time soon. I wish I had checked this place out much sooner to have a better comparison of the before and after, but I suppose anything would have been better than a plain club.

Needless to say there wasn’t anything to photograph so here is a picture of what their booths used to look like.


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