I lost my HEART on a JOURNEY, but it was a CHEAP TRICK

This is the title all search engines will pick up. And now for the true title:

“The Wheel In The Sky Turned Without Steve Perry”

Cheap Trick/Heart/Journey
Cricket Wireless – Chula Vista, CA

Journey san diego 2008 15

Neal Schon of Journey

The evening started out as usual considering the traffic sucked and the entrance to the Amphitheater is so close to the highway exit it takes three times as long to get into parking. Thereby, causing us to miss our photo op for Cheap Trick. Not to fear, we did catch the whole set and enjoyed it thoroughly. Cheap Trick is from Rockford, IL (our home state). They played all their hits and got the crowd to sing along with them. They wanted us to REALLY want them and it worked. The stage backdrop was a checkered flag and Rick Nielsen had the coolest and most unique shaped guitars we’ve ever seen.


Nancy appeared on stage first followed by Ann with her mic in hand. I had been waiting years to see HEART and could not be more pleased. Ann’s voice cut through all the instruments and knocked everyone off their feet with the power of her voice! The sisters were in sync and never missed a beat. Some crowd favorites were These Dreams performed by Nancy with Ann on guitar and backup vocals, Magic Man, and let’s not forget Barracuda and Crazy On You. Check their tour dates for shows in your area. It would be a shame to miss this Classic Rock band.

Next up, Journey

Journey Arnel San Diego 3

Arnel Pineda

So Sparky gets back from taking photos during the first three songs and says, and I quote “It’s like watching karaoke.” That of course was in reference to the new singer Arnel who was obviously not Steve Perry for all you Journey fans. His voice quality was good and quite close to Perry’s, but he did not have Perry’s voice range or nuances. On a side note the rest of the band members have aged well as only good looking men can. Arnel, on the other hand, looked like a bumble bee in yellow skinny jeans and a black shirt with black converse. Obviously he was mimicking Steve Perry’s wardrobe. They performed all their greatests hits such as “Open Arms”, “Wheel in the Sky”, “Faithfully”, “Don’t Stop Believin'”, “Anyway You Want it” and “Seperate Ways.” Arnel was so active and into the show that by the end he was too tired to hit all the notes for their encore of “Faithfully.” It wasn’t quite Journey without Steve Perry.

Journey san diego 2008 7

Ross Valory

Journey san diego 2008 14

Deen Castronovo

Journey san diego 2008 13

Jonathan Cain

Journey San Diego 20086

Neal Schon

Journey san diego

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  1. Scott says:

    When did Neil Schon become James Caan? He’s a dead ringer in that first photo.


  2. voz says:

    your funny your steve perry cant even sing anymore, you are a racist and that is all you are, journey will be go miles and journey and arnel will is a success no matter your opinion is. jo join the motly crew instead.

  3. Lilibeth says:

    After watching the videos uploaded by the people that attended this concert my only question you Mr. reviewer….here it goes…” are you blind or dumb?”

  4. rico says:

    Poor Arnel. He can’t seem to win with certain people. To some, he sounds too much like Perry. To others, not enough. The rest of the band might as well pack it up and retire since nobody compares to Perry. Even Steve Perry doesn’t sound like Steve Perry anymore. If it wasn’t for Arnel, there wouldn’t have been a Journey tour this year. But don’t expect Steve Perry to mend fences anytime soon.

  5. Steve Perry says:

    this review is totally biased, sourgraping and way toooo low!!!

  6. felix says:

    Sounds, your a person that never accept changes, and never embrace fellow human being. racist…

  7. SP is Dead says:

    SP has been long dead. I know he is still breathing, but he is long dead to the heart of Journey’s fans. That is why we all respect SP. We all respect the dead right?

    Reality check: Dead people don’t comeback to life!!!! Please move on!!!

  8. How do you feel today Mr. Reviewer? You need to see a doctor. You need help my fried. For the 20,000 audience of the show, you are the only one who think it was a karaoke one. Does that make you feel normal and cool? You may have to think and if possible ask a doctor before publishing your reviews online.

    You are such a waste of time. But, I am here willing to give you a friendly advice. Please see a mind doctor. You really badly need it.

    You sucks big time dude. That is my review on yours.

    The number of X below represents how many number youo deleted my comment:

  9. Jeff says:

    C’mon! Unbelieveable! Unbelievable! C’mon karaoke performance of Journey? This is the dumbest review of this site.

  10. Where did the race comment come from people? There is no mention of race just the insane yellow pants!

  11. I was at the concert and not drunk. I supposed anything the record labels say goes. Like it or not, Steve Perry put Journey on the map back in the 70’s and was around till ’98. He gave his voice a break due to medical issues and then came back with a solo album. So say what you will, but I would have rather watch someone with a voice of their own rather than someone mimicking Steve Perry.
    P.S.-What are you all 12 and not old enough to remember any of this?

  12. On a side note, there was nothing personal about Arnel.
    But I’d like to thank all of you coming from Youtube and spiking my traffic! We’ll have to do this again someday.

  13. desstiny says:

    Just a few question… who never gets old? everybody does, including you and me, Ms. Reviewer. Who never gets tired? everybody does. Tell me at least one singer who never gets flat in all of his/her/their concerts? C’mon, be realistic, don’t expect perfection in evrything cause nobody is – including you. Regarding the wardrobe, they have a fashion stylist… FYI… It’s so ironic that some people go to concerts and say crap. geezz… if i’m just gonna say crap about it, i’d rather stay at home at home and do something useful.

  14. Fred Jumayao says:

    “It’s like watching karaoke.” – I’m a fan yesteryears and today. And I gotta admit, it did sound like Karaoke!!!

    But wait, that’s because all the fans were singing along!!! LOL. I love Journey. Just enjoy the music.

  15. Shame on you!!! says:

    “But I’d like to thank all of you coming from Youtube and spiking my traffic! We’ll have to do this again someday.”

    Shame on you. User!!!

  16. Ariev says:

    The reviewer has no sense at all. He still loves SP who abandoned his fans. The band has to move on without him. He targeted Arnel being an Asian – I called that “racist”. Mr. Reviewer, you are RACIST.

  17. YourVictoryWon'tLast says:

    I’m sorry for you Mr. Reviewer. You seem not aware that your article has a sense of racism. How could the editor let this words published.

    Yes you may feel victorious today. But we all know it won’t last long enough. The same article will pull you down in the future.

    There are more people who love the new journey that you think and they will remember your words forever.

  18. Kim says:

    I thought Arnel did a great job. He has the range of Steve Perry, but not the exact quality. I thought it was unfair of you to call him a karaoke singer.

  19. Trashy says:

    You call yourself a music critic? You offer this concerts reviews to users for free downloads? You are in the wrong business! You’re not drunk…you are a conceited egotistical senile! Making biased trashy reviews while you admittedly as a Perry fan and talking about an old story Perry’s medical issues instead of the the concert..give me a break! Is that all you can write about? You’ll never gain credibility at this rate. You threw a jab at all the artists. You are a disgrace to the music industry for all emerging local and top national touring artists. You should be banned from all live concerts!

  20. Scott says:

    Still arguing about this are we?

    It’s irrelevant really because everyone knows Journey was a much better band before Steve Perry even joined.


  21. @Scott Thanks for opening a new can of worms! ;-)

  22. Erin Lavelle says:

    Whoa, talk about some of these comments coming out of left field. I’m definitely a Journey fan, and I’d be interested in seeing them play, but I think I would know better than to expect the old quality of Steve Perry. It’s just one of those great things that are just, let’s face it, gone. On the other hand, Arnel’s definitely got Steve kicked in the looks department.

  23. Hahaha – Neil Schon DOES LOOK EXACTLY LIKE JAMES CAAN!!! I am so glad someone else noticed that. It catches me off guard every time I see that first photo of him. Anyway, there is nothing in this review that makes me think the author is racist. Commenting on a rockstar’s fashion choices has NOTHING to do with race! I don’t get where these people are coming from…

  24. omg – sorry! i totally spelled his name wrong – i know it’s neal, not neil. sorrry! i LOVE JOURNEY. i wish i could have seen them with steve perry at least once. that would make my life complete.

  25. Paul says:

    “Obviously he was mimicking Steve Perry’s wardrobe.”? Just wondering what your basis is for saying that. Yes, SP helped define the sound that we’ve come to know as Journey, and it’s ok to yearn for him, but SP’s not coming back. Sorry. AP can never be SP and he’s not aspiring to be SP. Can you really blame him if he sounds like SP? You probably would not have approved of any replacement anyway regardless of whether it was Steve Augeri or Jeff Soto. But compared to those two, AP does have the vocal range that closely resembles the Journey music. And lots of people like it. And you’re a terrible reviewer, obviously.

  26. Paul says:

    A groupie pretending to be a reviewer. There can only be one Pamela des Barres, and it’s not you.

  27. EnderEd says:

    Maybe the reviewer didn’t say it in the best words, but his criticism is spot on. I saw Journey w Augieri last tour, and thought they did great. So I’m not just an SP-or-bust fan. But this year, after the delights of CT and Heart’s mind-blowing performances, with Journey I was like “what the f*#k is this?” The sound mix was really poor compared to the previous two bands; it felt like they were pounding through the songs like they were rushing to get them all in; and Pineda, while he can hit the notes loud and clear, reminded me of an American Idol wanna be jumping all over the place to make up for lack of vocal nuance. But he’s young– I’ll give him another chance. (At least they did La Do Da; good song pick.) Sorry guys– Journey did suck. I’m afraid the guy that yelled from the back of the seats might have been right after all: “Journey without Perry is just a cover band!”

  28. mary bell says:

    music is supposed to be universal. if you did not see the color of arnel’s skin, you would not give him such a bad review. i think he sound much better that perry. i have seen perry live 3 times so i know. i am WASP, and maybe because i have an open mind, i think arnel is better than perry. so, my advice to you, get yourself better education, travel the world and have an open mind, you will appreciate things better.otherwise you will miss out on great things out there.

  29. kimsamsoon says:

    To the interviewer….PREJUDICE!!!

  30. @Kimsamsoon: Did you read it? I didn’t do an interview. It was a show review. So How much of your statement is even true if you can’t get that right?

  31. RealityCheck says:

    Whoever wrote this article had set her or his heart against Arnel Pineda from the beginning. All negatives. Who doesn’t get tired anyways. I just want to remind the writer there are new fans, younger age who doesn’t know Steve Perry. We only know Steve Perry from his youtube videos, videos taken from an older era. Not all Journey fans are as old as you are. Steve Perry had his time and got tired and got sour. There are 5 that make up Journey not only the vocalist. They contribute equally to make each tour a success. I heard that Steve Perry second album didnot make up the chart the time it was released.

  32. Basil K says:

    All these folks claim that people who don’t like Arnel Pineda are racist. Personally, I don’t like Arnel Pineda’s voice nor do I like what Neal Schon did to Steve Perry. But, it’s not really about what Schon did. I don’t really think Pineda quite cuts it. He was chosen to replicate Perry. He struggles to hit the high notes of various songs like Faithfully. Seriously, Journey sold 75 million albums with Perry at the helm. They didn’t sell the same with any singer after Perry whether it was Castro, Augeri, or Pineda. I actually would prefer the songs were sung in a different style with a different singer, maybe someone with a Michael Bolton type voice. If Bolton were younger, he would be a good singer for Journey, and I’d consider going to a concert. People say the reviewer didn’t go to the concert. Perry sounded good in concert and out of concert. People can tell when they’ve heard both. It’s not about Pineda’s race except for the fact that disproportionately Pineda’s fans are Filipino. People who were Journey fans in the 80s were fans from all over the world and didn’t focus on his race. People do with Pineda, that’s one reason he sells well in Asia. That’s not why Journey sold well in Asia in the 80s. Let’s not forget that. Hey, if you like the guy, good for you. I am not against him personally. He has talent, but he sounds like he struggles to hit the high notes.


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