Grabbing a Moment with Tim McTague of Underoath

Rockstar Mayhem 2008
Cricket Wireless – Chula Vista, CA

Stage: Hot Topic @ 6:25pm (The times rotate at each Mayhem stop)

Aaron Gillespie – Drums/Vocals
Tim McTague – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
Spencer Chamberlain – Vocals
James Smith – Rhythm Guitar
Christopher Dudley – Keyboards/Synthesizers
Grant Brandell – Bass

Underoath san diego 13

Tim McTague

I caught up with lead guitarist Tim McTague to talk about life on Mayhem and touring. Underoath previously toured on Van’s Warped Tour, so right off the bat I asked how the Mayhem tour has been treating them. Tim says that it’s great with all new bands and meeting new fans. Underoath hasn’t jammed with any other bands on the Mayhem tour, but if he had the chance, Tim would like to jam with Chris Walla, Omar (Mars Volta), or Jim Atkins from Jimmy Eats World.

Underoath san diego 10

Tim and Christopher Dudley

Though being on the Mayhem Tour is great for Underoath, Tim would prefer to be headlining their own shows. According to Tim, being on their own tour “lets us put our best foot forward.” Tim also continues to talk about longing for their own lighting and production on the road for Mayhem. I could see Tim’s enthusiasm for giving his fans a show for their money.

Underoath Mayhem 461

Spencer Chamberlain

When asked about the biggest accomplishment the band has achieved, Tim remarks, “Being 25 and for 8 years playing with the same group.” He also adds that they are “blessed and fortunate” that they can do what they do each day. As for hardships in the band, “You could cut and paste other bands difficulties and put them on our name.” He’s talking about band members leaving and just some of the dysfunctions in the band.

Underoath labels themselves as a Christian metal band. I asked Tim if he’s felt any negative feedback about that label. “Some, but not really,” Tim explains. He has seen negative reactions from other tours, but Mayhem has been very accepting of Underoath. Tim says that they don’t force anything on anybody.

Underoath Mayhem 444

Grant Brandell

We also talked about the digital movement, from iTunes to file sharing. Tim says, “I don’t think we’d be where we are (without file sharing).” He believes it helped the band in a positive way. Tim says that illegally downloading music hurts labels first; then artists feel that downfall. It comes when the band asks for more money and the labels don’t have it. He also believes that if someone wants the album, they will go buy it. He doesn’t want people who can’t afford to buy new music to not be able to listen to it.

Underoath San Diego 5

Aaron Gillespie

So what’s Underoath up to after Mayhem? They are headed on a headlining U.S. tour, then in December off to South America where Tim and the guys have been wanting to play for a while now.

You can catch Underoath when they are in your town during the Mayhem Tour.

Underoath san diego 11

James Smith

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