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Disturbed Rocks San Diego at Mayhem

Rockstar Mayhem Tour 2008
Cricket Wireless – Chula Vista, CA

Stage: Rockstar Mainstage

David Draiman – Vocals
Dan Donegan – Guitars/Electronics
Mike Wengren – Drums
John Moyer – Bass

Rockstar Mayhem Tour 2008 Disturbed Cricket Wireless - Chula Vista, CA 7/16/2008

I was just finishing up my interview with Tim from Underoath when we heard a crash of music and we both looked at each other. The two of us knew Disturbed was starting and I headed onstage to see the show as Tom scattered away.

Rockstar Mayhem Tour 2008 Disturbed Cricket Wireless - Chula Vista, CA 7/16/2008Dan Donegan

David Draiman, frontman of Disturbed, was wheeled out on “dolly” with a straightjacket and mask on, think Hannibal Lector. He was in a Department of Corrections jumpsuit, which turned some of the female patrons on. They started with “Perfect Insanity” which had the crowd warmed up for “Liberate.” The crowd was insane especially the general admission area. One fan, maybe a Slipknot fan, started throwing crap onstage. I think I almost got hit myself with whatever objects he was throwing. Right before “Divide” Dave went to stage left, where I was standing, and pointed his finger into the crowd and asked where the coward in the Lamb of God Shirt was. He and security proceeded to scour the crowd for the not so friendly fan. David even threatened the missing fan that he would beat his ass when he finds him. Dave also shouted to the crowd, “You have my permission to beat him!” He then took a moment to say, “You don’t fuck with the guy with the mic!” The crowd was fully energized by this point and it was a great segway into “Divide.”

Rockstar Mayhem Tour 2008 Disturbed Cricket Wireless - Chula Vista, CA 7/16/2008John Moyer

They covered a few songs off their new album Indestructible. The songs were power-packed when performed live, especially “Indestructible” and “Inside the Fire.” The backdrop of the stage changed from the Disturbed logo to the Indestructible’s album cover.

They ended with “…The Sickness” and there was no encore because Slipknot was next. Can I tell you from the backstage perspective how tight security was for Slipknot. It was almost princess-like of them. The media had to clear out of our designated media area because it was too close to the stage. That’s only the beginning.

When at Mayhem make sure to get a good spot in GA for Disturbed. It’s one set you shouldn’t miss!

The Setlist- Is coming

Photos of Disturbed at Mayhem: 

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  1. Kristy says:

    Hell yeah it was a awsome show. I was in the general pit and in the front row. Everything that was you reported on is something that I will never forget.

  2. Luis says:

    this band rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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