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Feist: The Comedian, the Songwriter, the Singer at Humphrey’s

Humphrey’s by the Bay – San Diego, CA


Feist Humphrey's by the Bay - San Diego, CA 7/22/2008

I sitting next to two guys who are singing Bette Midler songs. They want to see if anybody can recognize the song. Yes, I can, it’s “wind Beneath My Wings.” This is what I had to listen to as the crew set up the stage for Feist. The Golden Dogs who opened for Feist were fun and upbeat. I only hoped Feist would be the same.

The stage was set with a shadow screen where a microphone would be. Feist came out carrying a flashlight, acknowledged the crowd and walked behind the screen handing the light off to a stage hand. She then starts her chanting behind the screen that projected her image. Think of being in a club that usually has the scantily clad dancers behind the screen except Feist did it as a performing art with music. It was all acapella and she utilized a loop machine that would record her and then play back as she proceeded with harmonies. As the chanting and singing came to a close the disco ball started spinning. At that point I knew this wasn’t going to be an average concert.

Feist then says, “This song was written by a girl that died in the 1800’s and it’s a true story.” We all believed it. SUCKERS! She then stopped and spoke, “Let’s establish that dead people can’t write a song about their own death!” We all then laughed. She then admitted her delivery had failed poorly on that one. She said that the next song was about Nova scotia, Canada. She then told the crowd, “This one is about packing my bags.” Another woman walked on stage with a stool and placed it behind Feist. Then stood on top of it and sprinkled large white confetti strips on her as snow.

Feist Humphrey's by the Bay - San Diego, CA 7/22/2008There is no doubt this show wasn’t just a concert but a performing art. While Feist sang on stage two shadow artists were by a projection machine creating art that was then displayed on the stage screen. Every night would not be same because it was all done by hand. It was very mesmerizing to watch. They would use paint, cut-out figures and shapes to convey a message.

She really is entertaining, her voice was under the weather bu she kept up her humorous antics. She made a comment about it getting cold in the winter. We all thought to ourselves that it doesn’t get cold here in San Diego. She then stops playing and said, “It’s doesn’t get cold here in the winter does it?” The crowd shouted and Feist replied, “Jerks, with your warm weather. This was the last night of the tour and the crew was back to Canada the next day where as Feist said, “I talked to mom today and she is cross-country skiing out her back door.”

The antics went on all night from the “CIA Agent” side stage to protesting the security at Humphrey’s. This was one entertaining performance from Feist and the gang. She is also one of those artists where you go to the concert and go, “She sings this song!” I am talking about the songs “I Feel it All, ” “My Moon My Man,” and her hit “1,2,3,4” which she will be recording for Sesame Street. Check out Feist Music at her Myspace or her official site.

Photos of Feist:

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