The Golden Dogs Open for Feist

The Golden Dogs
Humphrey’s by the Bay – San Diego, CA

DAVE AZZOLINI – guitar, vocals
JESSICA GRASSIAC- keys, vocals

The Golden Dogs Humphrey's by the Bay - San Diego, CA 7/22/2008Dave Azzolini and Jessica Grassiac

The night started with Sparky and I on the balcony drinking Pepsi. Sparky walked over to the end of the balcony towards the bay and waved me over. I looked down and there had to be 10-15 rafts and kayaks in the bay waiting for the concert. They were in raft but some were still dressed to the 9s. It was very interesting to see.

The Golden Dogs Humphrey's by the Bay - San Diego, CA 7/22/2008Stew Heyduk

The Golden Dogs started off by a woman walking on stage and sitting at the drum kit and a man who picked up the guitar. They both started playing and it was shocking because I haven’t seen an opening act with just two musicians before. That is until the Chinese Fire-drill happened on stage and the drummer hopped on keys, another guy jumped on drums, and another on bass.

If you have lived in Chicago and or have been to the Abbey Pub this band could very well have fit it on their stage. Their music is very reminiscent of the Vines and a bit of O.A.R. Sounds like an odd combo but their music slightly poppy with some extended guitar solos that was jam band-ish.

The Golden Dogs Humphrey's by the Bay - San Diego, CA 7/22/2008Taylor Knox

This group has tons of fun upbeat rhythmns. I can picture a group of friends walking in a park drinking coffee to this music. Yes, sounds incredibly cheesy, but trust me when I say the music is feel good music.

The Golden Dogs Humphrey's by the Bay - San Diego, CA 7/22/2008Jessica Grassiac

Think Bosom Buddies theme song with Tom Hanks. It’s something along those lines.

Photos of The Golden Dogs (openers for Feist):

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