Dare 2 Dream: Hanging with Cypress Hill

Cypress Hill
House of Blues – Chicago, IL

The Dare 2 Dream show is a Benefit Concert & Silent Auction to raise awareness and funding for youth homelessness; Latino homelessness programs in Chicago.

I received a random call late Thursday night from a good friend of mine, Big Herc, asking if I was interested in going to the Cypress Hill show. Beknownst to me the night would be much more than just a show. When I finally reached the HOB Big Herc was having a drink over at the Crimson Lounge with none other than Sen Dog! There aren’t words to describe how cool it was to meet him. It was so laid back shooting the shit, talking about music, hearing about the days of Cypress Hill getting into the music scene. Being a kid growing up in the 90’s listening to Cypress Hill and here I am some 13 years later having a drink with Sen Dog, I can’t even explain the experience. Big Herc has recorded & toured with Cypress Hill in the past so business talk of “making it” in this industry came up and it all comes down to sacrifice. You have to do what you can to make it in this cut throat industry not only for yourself but for your family. It was humbling to hear about how Sen Dog & B’ Real would show up to clubs while a friend was spinning and try to get on the mic or how in the days of cassette tapes Julio would sample snippets of songs, hook up mics to a boom box and record onto tapes.

To hear about our fantabulous seats keep reading…

So the HOB has Opera Boxes and we got to be seated in Box 170 which is directly above the stage. When the curtains closed we could see what was going on backstage. We were above the sound board and caught a glimpse of the set list. Getting to see what goes on backstage is a trip. It was so bizarre to see Sen Dog checking out his phone in between verses. I think the most surprising site of the nite was during the last song. The crowd was an assorted group made up of hip-hop, goth, punk, & hipster kids. But somehow they all came together and started one of the biggest mosh pits I have ever seen at a hip-hop show.

Ok, here are some pics of the show, they are not Dead Hub quality photos but decided to put some up anyway. It was so hard to get a decent shot due to the smoke machine and the other natural smoke floating around.

copyIMG 3589 Bobo

copyIMG 3597

copyIMG 3619 Julio, B’ Real, Bobo

copyIMG 3620

copyIMG 3644 B’ Real & Sen Dog

copyIMG 3647

copyIMG 3651 -Backstage bathroom-I thought the one below was funny…

copyIMG 3654

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  1. Freakin’ Fabulous! It seems like every time I go to the Hotel Sax there’s someone famous at the Crimson Lounge. I’m so jealous…hangin’ with freakin’ Cyprus Hill. That is sick!

  2. Tim W. says:

    So I’m not the biggest Cypress Hill fan, but damn, they put on an incredible live show. I was pleasantly surprised. Tons of energy, sold out crowd, great venue, and more weed than i’ve ever seen in my entire life. Good times.

  3. J'aime says:

    Me and my girlfriend Tina were staying at the Hotel Sax. I was playing guitar hero in the lounge with them before the show. I couldnt get over it! Very cool guys to say the least. The show rocked! One of the guys from security taped the set list to my chest. Later in the Crimson Lounge, after talking to Sen for a bit- I showed him a pic of me with the set list and he gave me his dew rag. We did shots and took some more pics. What an unbelievable night. Rocking out to these guys for all these years- to hang with them was amazing! Thank you Cypress!


  1. […] It felt like it wasn’t even into the first minute of the first song when the crowd pushed to the front and I could hear people getting crushed by the metal bars on the barricades. I had security behind me as I was pressed against the stage to pull the smaller Kottonmouth Kings fans out of the crowd. This all happened as one of the band members was shooting fire from his mouth. It was insane, but made for great stories and a great night of entertainment. It was also amuzing to watch Sen Dog and the Kings onstage because just a few days before Cypress Hill played a Benefit concert in Chicago where another one of our editors met up with Sen Dog. You can read that here. […]

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