Yelp Around The World 2008

Dank Haus German Cultural Center
4740 N Western Ave
Chicago, IL 60625

For those who have not heard of Yelp it is a social network that allows you to blog about events, restaurants, bars, and just about anything else you can think of. Usually Yelp’s events are only open to yelpers, but this event was to be Yelp Chicago’s BIGGEST OPEN PARTY EVER! When I heard about this event I had to see what the dilio was. A friend of mine is part of Yelp’s Elite so we got to get in on the action an hour before it was open to the public. There was so much free food and drinks to go around it was insane. The beer of the evening was Becks, other vendors included; Venus, Palermo’s, Sura Thai Bistro, Thai Urban Kitchen, The Spot, Dine, Friendship Chinese, Diosa, Berry Chill, TCHO Chocolates, Bleeding Heart Bakery, Sweet Collective, Marked for Dessert, Henna Shop, Urban Lift Hair Salon, Massage by Bloom Yoga, Strange Beauty Show, Exhale Spa, Rain Vodka…and so much more! The invite said food would be “appetizer style” but you should have seen some of these portions! There where ginormous bowls of Pad Thai, penne pasta with veggies, bigo cupcakes from Bleeding Heart, plates full of shelled muscles with marinara sauce, pizza, whopping cups of yogurt ice cream with your choice of fruit toppings, and a ton more! And one of the best parts of the evening was the Burlesque Show by the Flaming Dames.

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