Video: Slipknot’s Performance at Rockstar Mayhem in San Diego Song II

I’ve been working on the video gallery to actually store all these videos we have.  As of right now we all have to deal with single postings of each song. Pain in the ass, yes, will it be worth it when the gallery goes up!

Pardon the bass distortion on the Slipknot videos that I am posting. Standing right next to the speakers and monitors doesn’t make for great sound quality even when volumes are adjusted on the camera. This disclaimer is also for Slipknot’s first song they performed for the night.

This would also be a great time to do a disclosure. The Dead Hub obtained permission to video Rockstar Mayhem 2008. We are not responsible for the acts and messages displayed by the artists or patrons in the videos. None of our videos are censored so you view at our own risk.

We also have videos from Underoath (Song 1/Song 2) with more Mayhem artists to come.

Slipknot’s Second Song of the night.

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