We are Scientists Return to Chicago

We are Scientists
The Abbey Pub – Chicago, IL

We are Scientists The Abbey Pub - Chicago, IL 8/8/2008

We Are Scientists put out one of the best albums of 2006 and have been on the road like crazy since then.

But unless you live in the UK, don’t be surprised if you’ve never heard of them. In the three years they’ve been around,  We Are Scientists have built a name for themselves across the pond and have gained a large following. Here at home however, they’ve got some work to do but I don’t think it’ll be long before we come to our senses.

The Brooklyn based duo (formerly a trio) have released a few independent EPs, a major label debut With Love and Squalor and currently promoting their second major release Brain Thrust Mastery (released earlier this year).

I first came across W.A.S two years ago when I saw the album cover for With Love and Squalor – three guys covering their faces by holding up kittens. – I thought it was the greatest things ever and I had to find out what they sounded like. My curiosity paid off and I was rewarded with track after track of pure energy.

Mostly described as punk-pop, this band has much more to offer and it’s apparent on the heavily 80’s influenced Brain Thrust Mastery. Don’t expect the same edgy attitude of With Love and Squalor but rather a new synthy, more melodic adventure.

On Friday, We Are Scientists played The Abbey Pub.

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Their last appearance in Chicago was back in 2006 at the Metro so I was pretty eager to see them perform. The Abbey was filled with decent sized crowd ranging from young hipsters and punk rockers to a gang of middle aged women. Very interesting.

Though W.A.S may be rock stars in the UK, the atmosphere was very chill and relaxed with lead singer Keith Murray even manning the merchandise table before their set. But, once W.A.S took the stage, the level of excitement took off.

We Are Scientists know exactly how to get the crowd going and planned an excellent set list.

Ripping through most of With Love and Squalor , it was hard to chose which song was best. Having waited so long to hear these songs performed live, each one seemed better than the last.

“Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt ” was probably the most recognized song. Their current single “Chick Lit” also created some commotion. Slowing things down with “Textbook”, Murray took a walk though the audience, which allowed for some good interaction.

They also included two of my favorites off the new album, “Lethal Enforcer” (so 80’s I love it!) and “Dinosaurs”. Being able to finally hear “This Scene is Dead” live was also a highlight for me.

Friday’s show was the best sounding show that I have ever attended at The Abbey. I’m not sure if it was just a recent improvement with The Abbey’s sound system or that We Are Scientists are just that great of a live band, but I was surprised by how great the show sounded. I’m sure it was the latter.

Ending the show with “The Great Escape” left me in the mood to go out and party – so I did.

Awesome show.

Photos of We Are Scientists:

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  1. Celia I love these pictures! I need to check these guys out.

  2. Celia says:

    thanks! – you should, they’re great!

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