Kid Drops Out Of School For Guitar Hero

guitar hero

16 year old Blake Peebles from North Carolina just dropped out of high school to follow his dream of playing music. I know this seems like every teenage boy’s fantasy, but Blake aspires to play Guitar Hero professionally in the competitive world of gaming. Due to poor grades and not being liked in school, his parents have allowed him to drop out of school and have hired a private tutor. Blake has won some Guitar Hero tournaments, racking up winnings of gift certificates, gaming equipment, & 52 Chick-fil-A meals. If Blake can achieve his goal, he has the potential of earning $80,000 a year on the gaming circuit. That is a long, intense road that I don’t think Blake is prepared to endure.  With the cost of traveling to enter tournaments (not including the quantity of training & sponsorships) he may be in over his head. Not to mention games being upgraded or replaced by something newer and better!  According to a national Halo 2 champion, in eight years his total earnings were roughly $25,000.  Ouch! I think Blake should trade in his plastic guitar for a real one and try to make a living off of that.

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  1. I love Guitar Hero. I am pretty good at it, so maybe I should drop everything and go play….or maybe I’ll just stick covering rock bands. Yeah that sounds better.

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