Up and Coming: Building a Better Spaceship from So Cal

Building a Better Spaceship
The Viper Room – West Hollywood, CA

Band Members:
Vinn Lombardo – Vocals
Adam Holt – Drums
Rick Johnson – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Ross Facundo – Bass
Paul Funk – Guitar, Backing Vocals

Building a Better Spaceship The Viper Room Los AngelesRoss and Vin

It was Tuesday night at the Viper Room in West Hollywood. We headed up to see Building a Better Spaceship, a local band to the Los Angeles area music scene.

This band is headed to some great places in the music industry. Building a Better Space Ship has played with acts such as Avenged Sevenfold, Lifehouse, Unwritten Law, 311, The Killers, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Hoobastank. The list is quite long.

Building a Better Spaceship The Viper Room Los Angeles

I had two hours to listen to their self-titled album on the car ride home.

Building a Better Spaceship The Viper Room Los AngelesSparky and I couldn’t get past track 2 on the album, “Falling in Line”. This is the song! If you haven’t heard it check their MySpaceout to hear it. The song is catchy with the sound of some great radio rock. If I get a Youtube clip of it or a recording I will post it because everybody needs to hear this song!

At the Viper Room they rocked the place and brought quite a crowd with them. They started at 9:30pm, which is early in Viper Time, but the band had to showcase, thus playing early.  That aside, the guys had the girls dancing up front and even the meanest looking man in the joint and the hippie in the corner were tapping their feet to the rhythm.

It’s been a long time since a band caught my attention like this. The melody and rhythms of each song were intense and well written. The guys shared in those duties and the band was very tight onstage and put on a hyper kinetic show.

This 5-piece rock band is one to keep your eyes on!

They have a show on September 26th at the 710 Club in Pacific Beach, California.  Plus, they now have residency at the Viper Room starting in October. If you live in the Southern California region and have a moment to catch the quintet live, it is a must.

The Setlist:

Dry My Eyes
This Time
Falling in Line
Bullet Proof

Click on thumbnails of Building a Better Spaceship for full sized image:

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