Chris Cornell at the House of Blues in San Diego

Chris Cornell
House of Blues – San Diego, CA


Chris Cornell HOB 8 29 08 42

Projekt Revolution ended on August 24th in Woodlands, Texas, but that didn’t stop Chris Cornell from playing a few more shows. His last stop on tour before his break was at the House of Blues in San Diego, California, to a sold out crowd.

Chris broke out a few new songs that are on his upcoming release Scream that is due out October 14th. This album was produced by Timbaland, the famous hip-hop producer and rapper. I have already heard rumbling from fans about the uneasy feeling they have with Chris’s new songs. I can’t blame them. It’s a bit of a stray from Chris’s rock and roll work. On Friday I was most curious to see how the new songs with Timbaland would be pulled off live. To my great pleasure he stripped the songs down to their rock and roll beginnings. There were no “beats” or any sound of Timbaland present. It was Chris and his rock and roll band playing new rock and roll music.

Chris Cornell HOB 8 29 08 2

If you aren’t fully feeling some of the new songs from Chris Cornell and Timbaland, don’t fret, because if the next tour is anything like his stop in San Diego, the songs will be Timbaland-free. So don’t go hating Chris Cornell and calling him a sell-out. Every time we cover a Chris Cornell show the set contains everything from his Soundgarden days, the side project, Temple of the Dog with Pearl Jam, Audioslave, and his solo material. I have always been impressed with the songs that were chosen for the shows because it really does span his career and isn’t bias towards one particular era of his time.

A personal favorite of the night was the new song “Watchout.” It was just a harder song with lots of edge and energy. Right after Chris performed “Watchout” he pulled a sign from the crowd that said, “Say Hello To Heaven” on it. After making a joke of something to the effect that he wasn’t going to play it tonight the band started into the song and the crowd cheered.

At one point in the show, after Chris’s acoustic set, he jumped into the pit for a little quality one on one time with fans crowd surfing. This is when the crowd was very warmed up and the crowd surfing and moshing began. I saw two girls in dresses and heals start a mosh pit. I think they thought it was funny until the big boys wanted to play. During this the band was feeding off the energy of the crowd.

Chris Cornell HOB 8 29 08 17

Chris’s set also included the song “Scream.” This is Chris’s favorite off the album also probably why the album has the same name. It’s obviously about a relationship with a huge communication breakdown.

The Setlist:

You Know My Name
No Such Thing
Pretty Noose
Burden in My Hand
Ty Cobb
Be Yourself
Hunger Strike

Acoustic Melody
Fell on Black Days
Can’t Change Me
Like a Stone
Things that I Love
End Acoustic

Doesn’t Remind Me
Show Me How to Live
Spoon Man
Say Hello To Heave
What You Are
Rusty Cage

Billie Jean
Black Hole Sun
Jesus Christ Pose

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  1. esther says:

    Thank you so much for your review of Chris Cornell’s HOB Headliner show in San Diego.
    I’m jonesing to see a headliner show from CC here in the Midwest. I’m so jealous of the fans that attended this concert! What a kick ass set list.
    I was fortunate to see Chris on the Projekt Revolution tour August 16 at East Troy, WI. I was pleasantly surprised how awesome his new music sounds when performed live. Chris debuted “Watch Out” and “Scream”. I absolutely enjoyed the new material. I’ve been a huge fan of Chris for over 15 years – huge Soundgarden and Temple of the Dog fan. I really love the new songs I’ve heard so far. I am looking forward to picking up his new album Scream when it is released October 14th (if I recall correctly). Thanks for painting a realistic picture of what a Chris Cornell concert is actually like. Your review transported me into the audience. This review will tide me over until I can physically attend a headline show(s) in the Midwest. Hopefully this year.

  2. Joyce~ says:

    Great review, enjoyed your perspective. And, I appreciate you posting shots of {almost} the whole band {I don’t see Will}. I was on the rail and it was awesome. Are you the photographer in the LeStat t-shirt? That caught my eye. LeStats’ in San Diego is an awesome place. Thanks for the photos! Oh, and the new music is definitely awesome live, I hoped not to have stomped on anyone dancing like a nut! ;0) A cool crowd.

  3. @Joyce Greg one of our photographers was in the pit shooting that night. I can’t remember what shirt he was wearing. I believe it was just him and one other guy shooting that night and the other guy was late. It’s very hard to get shots of all the guys. If they are set too far back its very tricky. A lot of it has to do with lighting too.

  4. Greg Lucker says:

    Joyce, glad you liked the photos from the San Diego show. Like Jessica said, we try to capture shots of the entire band, but it can be difficult. Please check out the Chris Cornell shots from our August 16th review from Projekt Revolution w/Linkin Park.



  5. Joyce~ says:

    Great! I will check out the other photos, didn’t know there were more. I was also at Projekt Revolution. Ah, so you were not in the LeStats shirt, that is a local club/coffee house and it must have been a local photographer. Thanks you guys for responding! And thanks for the great fair review.

  6. Sue says:

    Great review. I wish I was there.
    I was also at the Projekt Revolution show in Aug. It was great. I loved the new music and always look forward to what he’s going to play live.(and always pleasantly surprised).
    I can’t wait fo rthe new album and for another couple of live shows out this way.
    Always a fan.

  7. E Dogg says:

    AWESOME review!!!!
    . . . thanks very much for sharing this perspective.

    I am especially excited about the new Cornell material . . . TONIGHT (09/09/2008) he will be appearing on CBS during the “Fashion Rocks” show to perform his new track “Scream.” The show starts at 8:00pm (central time), so I hope that you (whoever you are reading this) gets an opportunity to see it! It’s going to be AWESOME!!!!!!

    Again, thanks for the GREAT review!!!!

    With Love,


  8. Lisa says:

    This review is nothing more than what the show was all about. Having heard Chris’ new material, hearing it live was a great piece of ear candy. He and his boys are nothing short of engaging when it comes to live venues.
    Greg is one of the most timely focused photographers I’ve ever seen, “Rolling Stone’ are you listening?
    Anyone that’s a fan of not only the live experience, but the artistic way Greg captures musicians has got to go to his myspace page to view hiw his other magnificant works,,,

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