Melissa Etheridge Stops in Viejas Concerts in the Park

Melissa Etheridge
Viejas Concerts in the Park – Alpine, CA

Melissa Etheridge Viejas Concerts in the Park - Alpine, CA 8/30/2008This was Melissa’s first time playing at Viejas in Alpine, California. If you haven’t been to Viejas before, it’s literally a park with a concert stage surrounded by a shopping mall. The biggest con of Viejas is that patrons have to walk off concert grounds, get their hands stamped, and follow a long path to the bathrooms that are in the mall. Other than that major drawback, the park is beautiful. The perimeter of the park has large torches that are always lit with real fire during shows.

Melissa Etheridge Viejas Concerts in the Park - Alpine, CA 8/30/2008This was Melissa’s last stop on her Revival Tour 2008. She is now on a much deserved break after the 51 stops the band made this summer.

The night was kicked off with “Take You with Me” which is one of my personal favorites. Melissa stopped after the first song to explain to the audience that tonight she was going to tell us a story: her story. “Ruins” kicked off her story that started in Kansas as a little girl knowing that she wasn’t like other girls.

She then goes into songs about her leaving Kansas for California, being a part of open relationships, and having cancer. It was during her song “Run for Life” that one of her guitar strings broke but she kept on playing as if nothing was wrong. “Run for Life” also moved the crowd emotionally and I saw some teary eyes sitting by me.

During the show I loved the energy she had with her guitar player. They fed off each other the entire show. They dueled, improved, and literally played off each other. Really, these two put playing guitar with a tongue to shame. They came up with more original body parts to use.

Melissa also came off performing at the Democratic National Convention in Colorado where she played songs “God Bless America”, Bob Dylan’s “Times They are a Changin'” and John Lennon’s “Give Peace a Chance.” Tonight was all Melissa’s songs while she supported her new album Awakening. There were two people onstage that were signing the entire show. They would switch out and could see they had to put on a performance themselves. That was the first time in my concert history I have seen people signing onstage at a show.

She covered most of her greatest hits and back catalog songs. Her set made the crowd happy. I didn’t see an unhappy soul in the park that night.

I had waited years to see Melissa Etheridge live and the waiting paid off with a very personal and lively concert from Melissa and her band.

The Setlist:

Take Me with You
The Late September Dogs
First Time I Saw You
Bring Me Some Water
I Want to Come Over
Stronger Than Me
I Am the Only One
If I Only Wanted Too
Down to One
I Want to Be In Love
When You Find the One
I Need to Wake Up
Message to Myself
Come to My Window
All We Can Really Do
Heroes and Friends
Open Your Mind
Imagine That
What Happens Tomorrow
With several Encore Songs

Photos of Melissa Etheridge:


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