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On the Phone With: Does It Offend You, Yeah?

Does It Offend You, Yeah?

This electro-punk act will be stopping in Chicago this Wednesday as apart of their current U.S. tour. The four-piece from Reading England have been gaining a lot of buzz and landed a spot at this years Lollapalooza Music Festival. If you haven’t heard of them, I would suggest you dig right in, blindfolded.

Their debut album You Have No Idea What You Are Getting Yourself Into is packed with energy & ridiculousness. But with song titles such as “Attack of the 60 ft Lesbian Octopus” what else would you expect?

I’ll admit I’m pretty excited about this show and earlier this week I got a chance to speak with lead singer James Rushnet to find out a little more…

You were just in Chicago last month for Lollapalooza. Is there anything that you want to do while you’re here that you didn’t get to do before or anything you want to do again?

Well, Morg (guitarist Morgan Quaintance) has family in Chicago so its sort of nice for him to go back and see his family and stuff. So, he usually disappears and does that and we just all hang out. I mean, we sort of saw quite a lot of Chicago when we were there for Lollapolooza. We went out and worked on the city and went to a few bars. I think we’ll just go out and see the city a bit more.

What do you like about touring the states?

I’d say the crowds. The crowds are good over here and uh, oh! I’ll tell you what we do love about out here, Whole Foods stores.- Yeah man! We have nothing like that in England – nothing. The closest we have is like a little shop that sells some vitamin tablets and so to go in there is like, ah, its just like so good you know. That’s like something we try and sort out as much as we can.

What kinds of bands are you currently listening to?

Me personally, I’m sort of listening to a lot of older stuff really. Classics ya’ know. Im sort of going back and I’ve been listening to The Beatles again and things like that. Listening to some of the greats. I don’t know, Top Pop I guess.

For those of us who didn’t catch you at Lollapalooza, what should we expect from a DIOYY show?

Mayhem…… Yeah. – Pure rowdiness and mayhem. We love to see the people at our shows jumpin’ up and down ya’ know. We really try and put it all out there at our shows and give it all we got. Crazy, wild and slippery. That’s normally how it goes, just a good time really.

Catch Does it Offend You, Yeah? in Chicago at The Subterranean on Wednesday 9/10.

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