15 North Rocks Soma

15 North
Soma – San Diego, CA

Sam – Vocals
Twiggs – Guitar
Cameron – Drums
Ian – Bass


The last time we saw 15 North was at Riley’s, in San Diego, in February. A lot has changed for the guys since then. They have a new bass player and the most notable would be their lead singer Sam’s dreads. On a musical front, the 15 North guys have matured musically in the last 8 months.

They hit the stage at Soma to a nearly packed crowd. They opened with “Ladders for Jacob” which used to be there strong closer. Their new songs “Metaphors” and “Killing Machine” are much stronger rock songs dealing with change and war. It is very strong statement the guys are sending when changing out their closing song, because “Ladders for Jacob” used to be a staple for this Murrieta, CA rock band.

All the guys onstage were full of their usual energy. Taylor, aka Twiggs, never stands still which tripped him up on Thursday night, literally. He nearly took out his brother’s cymbals. Sam went through a wardrobe change. Actually we had a bet going with one of their family member as to how many songs it would take before Sam’s shirt came off. I think everybody in that small room in Soma wanted to take off a few layers, because that night it was boiling in there.

Their new bass player Ian is a lively fit for the band. He’s very rock and roll with tattoos on his body to the “Don’t be a Dick” stickers on his bass. With Ian on board they look more like a rock band than ever.

Cameron is drum prodigy. He is always getting compared to Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters. Cameron has the natural ability to play ambidextrous. That’s pretty amazing for a drummer to be able to do. He was even the runner up to be the drummer for the Guana Batz earlier last year.

The other noticeable difference tonight from the other time we saw 15 North was their fans. They have build quite a following of lady fans. Talking with insiders after the show they revealed that they sold out of most of the merch they brought for the night.

With this talent on board and looks to match these guys can’t be missed. Keep your eyes peeled for the new demo and more tour dates.


Ladders for Jacob

Pocket Change

I Feel Alive


Killing Machine

Last Song

We also caught up with the guys of 15 North for a few minutes after their show in Soma.

Since I spoke to you last I notice something very different.

Ian: Sam got dreads!

Jessica: There’s a new person in the band.

Sam: That would be Ian. He’s the old man of the band now. What are you 22?

Ian: Yeah, 22.

Sam: You’re old man!

Ian: I have have facial hair.

How did you get to fullfil the bass player position?

Ian: I’ve actually known Twiggs since High School. I think it was freshman year, so about 5 years ago. We hung out and he was the only person I hung out with that played music. I just kinda happened, Bryce left, I tried out and it worked.

What are the plans after this Soma gig?

Sam: I want to play Soma again. That was awesome!

Taylor: I want to go back into the studio and cut a cd so we can have a cd release party like the guys performing tonight are.

You have a new song Metaphors, was it meant for anyone in particular?

Sam: It was something I threw together one day.

I am not going to say yes, and I am not going to say no. It’s a song about a lot of things.

What about “Killing Machines,” what is that about?

Sam: That song is straight up about the war. It’s how I feel that kids are being bred to be killing machine instead of helping our country. We aren’t a political band, its just a song about the war. Before we can even drink and smoke we can kill someone. It’s kinda not right.

Do you have plans to go into the studio?

Everyone: Yes!

Twiggs and Sam: We plan on recording Killing Machines, I Feel Alive, and last song. We are probably only going to record 3 songs this time and just promote them a lot.

The band went to Vegas to play the Amplify! Music Festival.

Sam: Vegas was FUN!

Twiggs: That was an adventure.

Sam: We were chillin’ with Hawthorne Heights. They are killer live. We didn’t know much about their music until we saw them live. We also went to seminars on how to make it in the industry. Vanilla Ice was there. We are on the same shirt as Vanilla Ice.

(Everyone laughs)

Ian: I lost a lot of money in Vegas. They can’t gamble yet, but me..

Back to Sam’s Dreads, what made you change your hair to dreads?

Sam: When I was 11 I went to Denmark and there was a kid I knew and he got dreads, and I was like that is pretty tight. I never thought I would be able to because my mom likes it when my hair is pretty, but I thought, I am such a good

sonI deserve it. I pushed it, pushed it, and pushed it, and here we are. Plus it gets me closer to Jah

Twiggs: What?

Sam: Jah

Twiggs: Jah

Sam: Jahovah

(More laughs)

FYI: When going to a 15 North show we need everybody to bug these guys about doing their cover of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.” They were doing this cover before Fall Out Boy and Pierce the Veil put it on albums and had airplay. They actually arranged the “Beat It” song with “Billy Jean.” It’s a must listen to song live.

For more information and tour dates for 15 North visit their MySpace.

15 North Photos from SOMA:

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