Poets and Pornstars to Run Devil Run: Rockin’ The Roxy

Poets and Pornstars
The Roxy – Hollywood, CA

Poets and Pornstars The Roxy - Hollywood, CA 9/13/2008

Poets and Pornstars are back on the map after their little hiatus from the rock and roll spotlight. Last August they released their first album, made rounds at all the Southern California hot spots and then their lead singer left. One might think the frontman of a band leaving is the ultimate death of the band, it was for Journey anyways. This band reinvented itself with a new singer, Jermey Aric, and the new chemistry within the band.

Poets and Pornstars The Roxy - Hollywood, CA 9/13/2008The Poets comeback show was August 8th 2008. Yeah we missed it, but we ended up being at one hell of a rock show on Saturday night at the Roxy. Before the Poets and Pornstars performance we caught up with them to talk about life after Hal, changing the name of the band, the new singer, album, and touring, but first the show review.

The was filled with super sex ninja Poet’s fans, most armed with camera and camcorders. This quintet owned the stage for their entire set. The new frontman Jeremy was winning over the crowd on Saturday. I know I’ll get flack for saying this but his voice resembles the likes of Bon Scott. Plus Jeremy and Sally seem to have a natural onstage chemistry as if they were playing together for years.

Midway through their set they slowed it down a bit with the ever-so-catchy “In the Dark”. Randy who graced the keys for most of the night also stepped to the mic for a couple songs with Jack(bottle) in hand.

They also played a new song called “Beautiful Being” then Randy hopped on vocals again. The curtains dropped at the last song and the crowd went absolutely nuts wanting more. They chanted as if they were trying to wake the dead. Unfortunately due to time constraints there was no encore. It’s all ok in the end because Poets and Pornstars Run Devil Run (new band members+new chemistry=new band name) is releasing an EP early winter. There is also rumbling of touring. Stay Tuned for the interview and more details. Also for more information an upcoming events visit their MySpace.

Poets and Pornstars The Roxy - Hollywood, CA 9/13/2008Domo

Poets and Pornstars The Roxy - Hollywood, CA 9/13/2008Dave

Poets and Pornstars The Roxy - Hollywood, CA 9/13/2008Jeremy

Photos of Poets and Pornstars at The Roxy:

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  1. Kayla Caroline says:

    I wasn’t at this last show, but I was at the comeback show and it was amazing! I must say, Poets or rather Run, didn’t just make a comeback, they made rock ‘n’ roll history!!! :)


  2. Mike says:

    I was proud to have been there with you all to share in these last two amazing shows!! and to witness a piece of your journey to stardom! Well worth every mile from Phoenix for me! Thanks for everything, and the awesome memories. forever your fan, mike…..


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