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On Friday, September 12th I had the privilege to meet up with Kelly Winrich of Delta Spirit before they performed at Lola’s Saloon in Fort Worth, TX. I was led to a side room in the club where Kelly was chilling with his Apple laptop. He was gracious to give me a lot of his time and share tons of information on their album “Ode to the Sunshine.”

DELTASPIRIT 1 rgbCaptain Melody: Overall, how is the tour going? You all have been on the road quite a few days now.

Kelly Winrich: Yeah, once the shows start kicking in that’s when it becomes fun. We drove out to Conan. We actually did a few 17 hour drives – one 17 hour, one 14 hour and one 15 hour drive. That takes it out of you.

CM: And that was all by van?

KW: Yeah, once we got with the Dog (Dr. Dog) things started kicking in. We play a show every night, and it’s a lot more fun that way.

CM: You all have toured with Dr. Dog before, right?

KW: Right, twice so far.

CM: Do you all play tricks on each other?

KW: Dr. Dog stopped off at a fireworks depot and got little mini-popping sticks that you put in the end of cigarettes. They gave us pack, and the guitar player and I were the only ones that knew about it. Most everyone in the band smokes. Right when they lit it, it exploded in their face. That was the extent of it.


CM: I am not familiar with Dr. Dog. I saw them perform on Letterman recently.

KW: All of their performances are pretty tight.

CM: I’ve seen a lot of bands perform on Conan and other late night talk shows. I was very impressed with your performance. Some bands sound different on camera from their album or live shows, but you sounded true to your album, if not better. Vasquez’s vocals were incredible – a lot rougher live.

KW: I think we were fully prepared. During the first verse when Matt was singing his stool dropped 4 inches when he was playing. If you watch it you will hear a stutter in the vocals during the first verse. But once we got past that it was good. We had a lot of fun. Conan loved it. He had nothing but good things to say about it.

CM: I wanted to ask you about Conan. He always has awesome indie bands perform on his show. Do you know if he is involved in choosing musical guests?

KW: I don’t think so. I think he has a music director that does that. At sound check we played the song twice, I think it was right after he did his rehearsal. I guess he was having a shitty day. When we started playing he came out on the sound stage and started dancing around. It was sweet. I had never met Conan before and it looked like he enjoyed our music. After we got done playing the show and he came over to shake our hands, he gave us a spiel on how many bands come through, and that he was having a horrible day, and said, “You guys turned it around for me.” That was sweet.

CM: I believe he plays guitar. I’ve seen him in a few skits playing.

KW: While we were there, at one point he was backstage with a Japanese guitar company. He was endorsing their guitar and he was totally shredding.

CM: You all released “Ode to Sunshine” recently. Have you noticed a growing fan base coming out to the shows with the release of the album?

KW: I think so. It’s hard to tell at this point since we are touring with the dog and most of the shows are sold out. It’s hard to tell whether all of it is for dog, or it’s half and half. We did a show on the way up to Conan in Chicago. Last year in Chicago we drew about 50 people, and this show we drew over 150. So I feel like radio play and publicity, whatever the label is doing we don’t know about, is helping. We sold out in Chicago and we were really excited about that.

CM: Do you have any plans to headline your own tour?

KW: Yeah, once we finish out this tour we have a small tour lined up with Nada Surf. We are actually coming back here for that.

CM: Is that next year?

KW: No, that’s in November of this year. After the beginning of the year we will consider headlining or co-headlining a tour. That is definitely the next step.

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