A little Tobacco but WHY?

Bottom Lounge – Chicago, IL

Why? Tobacco & Yeti?

Tobacco kicked off the night with some calm and collected electro beats. They were just a little too slow and not quite fast enough to groove to. Songs would usually start off with a promising beat but for some reason that would die out leaving me wanting more. The two DJ’s were fairly stationary the entire set but their video mash-ups, everything from Ron Jeremy style 80’s porn clips to some of Arnold Schwarzenegger bustin’ caps in people’s asses, were a great addition and ultimately saved the show for me. The last song brought out a Yeti that walked/crawled around the stage coupled with a video starring the same creature. The whole Yeti thing feels like it had a deeper meaning but I wasn’t interested enough to search for it.

Afterwards, indie-hoppers (that’s indie hip-hop and yes, I just made that up) WHY? took the stage captivating the crowd with their brilliantly abstract lyrics that focus more on imagery than any kind of story. The beautifully crafted lyrics, while absurd to many, did a great job painting zany pictures in my mind. For example, “The Hollows” has an especially colorful lyric, “In Berlin I saw two men fuck;in the dark corner of a basketball court;Just a slight jangle of pocket change pulsing” that puts me right there with him. I know that’s not particularly attractive to some of you but honestly, listen to that track and tell me it doesn’t get stuck in your head.

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Jon “Yoni” Wolf (left)                 Austin Brown (right)

Why? Why?

Jonathan “Yoni” Wolf‘s steam-rolling vocals come across fairly monotone but it’s pulsing rhythm is what keeps the music flowing. Without it, the songs would lose their mysteriousness (great word, eh?) Some people are turned off by them but their distinct sound is exactly what keeps me coming back for more. Most of the songs played during the set were from the new album Alopecia with a few old school tracks thrown into the mix as well. Standouts were “The Vowels Pt. 2”, “The Hollows”, and my personal favorite “Good Friday” that starts out with “if you grew up with white boys; who only look at black and Puerto Rican porno; cause they want something that their dad don’t got.” These guys aren’t afraid to go there…or anywhere for that matter. There’s a certain ambiance that surrounds the crude lyrics and you walk away from their show with something almost whimsical…is that gay? Oh well.

Why? Josiah Wolf

A little off track as far as live reviews go but it’s a review none the less. The guys were great live, they talked freely with the crowd (HUGE plus), banged on some drums with maracas, and kept songs entertaining. If you like the music, definitely go see these guys and support the band, they’re not exactly rock stars yet. Unfortunately, they only have a few shows left before hopping the pond for some sure to be kick-ass shows in Europe.

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