Trapt at The Glass House

The Glass House – Pomona, CA

Chris Brown- Vocals, Guitar
Peter Charell – Bass
Aaron Montgomery – Drums
Robb Torres – Lead Guitar

Trapt The Glass House - Pomona, CA 9/26/2008Trapt was finishing up the last leg of their tour in Pomona. The Glass House is a small venue tucked away in a strip mall. The Glass House is where the independent artist some and play on stops between San Diego and Los Angeles. The Glass House is a rarity when it comes to music venues. This venue let patrons come and go as they please into the venue. I was shocked when they told me this little piece of information.

Trapt The Glass House - Pomona, CA 9/26/2008By the second to last band to play on Friday the place was packed with Trapt fans. The lighting was low and the music was loud, but Chris Brown’s vocal were not. It’s frustrating to hear everyone in the band but the lead singers vocals don’t pull through. It could have been from the screeching female voices that only got louder as the night went on. These girls are crazy as a couple tried to get through the barricades to reach Chris. Fans even though clothes on stage.

The crowd by the end of the night was singing along with all the radio hits of Trapt including “Who’s Going Home with You Tonight?”, “Echo”, “Headstrong”, and “Ready When You are”.

Chris Brown thanked the crowd for seeing them on home turf. He also talked about not being able to live in Los Angeles because of all the plastic people. I am in the same boat as him. I can’t live in Los Angeles because they are very different people there. He pointed out the rich girls with their little puppies in tow. The flaky people in LA drive me nuts, and that includes the rich girls that carry little puppies aka Paris Hilton’s of the world.

Trapt was out on tour supporting their latest release Through the Pain. The disc is full of hit waiting to be heard. A favorite is “When Your Ready”, which is a rock ballad off the album.

Need to catch Trapt? They have a couple dates with Hinder in California. One is on October 28th at 4th and B in San Diego. The other is in Anaheim at the Grove on November 2nd.

Need more info on Trapt or connect with other Trapt fans? They actually created their own social networking site just for Trapt fans. Check it out here.

Friday Night’s Setlist:

Still Frame
Curiosity Kills
Who’s Going Home with Your Tonight?
Black Rose
M. O. G.
Ready When You Are
Stand Up
Everything to Lose

Photos of Trapt at The Glass House:

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