The Lady Tigra Releases Ode to Michelle Obama — “First Black, First Lady” The Lady Tigra (of L’Trimm) has Collaborated with LA’s own MC Le C (Jeffrey Emerson of King Crab Fame)

ladytigraFirst Black, First Lady (radio edit)

First Black, First Lady

Check out the debut live performance from last weeks Obamarama fund-raiser at Spaceland.

Tune into Indie 103.1’s “Neon Noise” on Saturday, October 25th as The Lady Tigra and MC Le C are slated to perform the track live on the air!

Catch Tigra live this month!
Bootie LA at the Echoplex 10/4
Viper Room 10/14

“First Black, First Lady” was produced by Jacob Bercovici (Berko) and conceived by Jason Rosencrantz.

Here’s what the press has to say about The Lady Tigra:

LA Times
“The dance-party electro amalgamation is all about bass.”

This lady is one fierce bitch. Having more fun than anyone since Deee -Lite…..the Lady Tigra is the real deal”

“A rap style that evokes Missy Elliott via Robyn”

NY Times
“Since the time seems ripe for underground, unquantifiable female M.C.’s, the Lady Tigra is hoping that pioneers will have a place too….Tigra’s aesthetic hasn’t changed much
since the ’80s. She raps in the same honeyed, high-pitched tone, and there are beefy low end clicks, handclaps and electro synthesizers, all hallmarks of classic Miami bass music.
But contrary to much music of that genre, there is little overt sex; she prefers coy comebacks.

NY Mag
“We’ve been obsessed with Lady Tigra ever since her rap duo L’Trimm dropped “Cars
with Boom” in 1988. Now she’s back….

For more information please contact Samantha Tillman

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