Santogold: Crazy Sexy Cool

House of Blues – Chicago, IL

Santogold House of Blues - Chicago, ILSanti White (Santogold)

Before this past July, I had never heard any music by Santogold. All I knew about her was from what I read in Blender, Spin, and Rolling Stone this past spring. I knew she used to work in A&R at SonyBMG in New York City. I knew she was another female rapper/singer falling into the same category as Lady Sovereign, M.I.A., Estelle, Lily Allen – all of whose music I enjoy. A die-hard Coldplay fan, I attended both of the band’s Chicago shows. Upon hearing the news that Santogold was booked as the opening act for the U.S. Coldplay tour, I figured those two shows last July would be my opportunity to check out some of Santogold’s music for the first time.

To keep reading my story (there is indeed a happy ending!), check out more photos from the concert and see the set list from Chicago’s show, continue on to the next page…

I was talking to a friend who works for an advertising company in Chicago that specializes in commercial music placement and licensing. She informed me that a recent project her boss had worked on involved placing Santogold’s track “Lights Out” in a new Bud Light Lime TV commercial that aired throughout the summer. I do not watch much television; therefore, I didn’t catch the commercial until about a few weeks ago. This was way after the Coldplay shows, but before Santi’s MySpace Gold Rush headlining tour last weekend at Chicago’s House of Blues. Anyway, the point of my drawn-out story is that as soon as Santogold sang the hook of her song “L.E.S. Artistes,” the first song of her set opening for Coldplay on July 22nd, I was OBSSESSED. I was actually angry with myself for not taking a listen to her songs before that show, especially since I had been reading great things about her for months before that! I am not joking. I felt like I had been depriving myself of this music – Santi’s music – that would have made my life so much better if I had discovered it sooner. Man, was I missing out on great songs or what?! By the end of her 30-minute set that night, I made a promise to myself to purchase her self-titled debut album, Santogold, before I left the United Center.

Set List

Sunday 9/28/08

Santogold House of Blues - Chicago, ILWell, even though I had good intentions of legally paying for music on impulse, it didn’t happen. But it wasn’t my fault! I went up to the first merchandise table I found and asked if they were selling Santogold’s album. For some weird reason, they said that no CDs were being sold at all that night or the next night. I guess larger arenas like Chicago’s United Center do not sell CDs at concerts anymore. Don’t ask me why… So I went back the next night of course to see my favorite band Coldplay, but this time around I was stoked to get another chance to hear those Santogold songs! I had been singing them all day at work. By the end of the second show, I was determined to get my hands on her record no matter what. Waking up early for work the next morning, I went to the iTunes Music Store and downloaded Santogold. My life is now that much closer to being complete. I am content and have officially been converted to a Santogold fan for life. I wouldn’t be surprised if she performs at next year’s Lollapalooza and neither should anybody else. She’s probably been booked for Lolla already…

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  1. James Overholser says:

    Hey, I was at her House of Blues show, too!! I was right in the front to the right. Great show it was!!

  2. james overholser says:

    hey, i was at the House of Blues show. It was great, wasn’t it? Santi is great.


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