Getting Low with Diamond

Howie Diamond, far left lookin’ dapper as all get out.

After their show last Sunday at the House of Blues, I had a chance to sit down with Low Vs Diamond’s Howie Diamond and chat about the current tour as well as what’s to come for the band. I got to the venue a little late because I was covering the Hot Chip show the same night.

So, the whole time we were talking Howie’s friends were hurrying him along so they could celebrate the show. I found out later on he’s originally from Chicago, which explained the entourage. He just kept telling them, “Guys, give me five minutes, just five minutes.” Surprisingly, it appeased most of them for about 25 minutes while we finished the interview.

Read about their plans for their next tour after the jump:

Do you have time to listen to other music or are you focused mostly on making yours?

I really like the classics, Roxy Music, The Cure, The Rolling Stones, My Bloody Valentine, stuff like that.  I really like Keith Moon even though I’m not a big Who fan and Mitch Mitchell even though I’m not a huge Hendrix fan. Those guys are great.

Who’s the girl in your Heart Attack video?

It’s Luke’s finance. We thought about getting an actress but this way there was an actual connection, love. I think that comes across in the video pretty well. Watch the full video HERE!

Can you explain the lyrics, “All you pretty people standing…doing nothing, saying something?”

Luke wrote the lyrics to that song, except for the chorus, while he was traveling from city to city and seeing friends. A lot of them were talking about doing big things but none of them could walk the walk. The song is about getting off your ass and taking that walk, making shit happen.

In the song “I’ll be”, what do you know you’ll be? It’s open ending to a powerful lyric.

It’s supposed to be that way, leave you hanging. Fans can fill that in with whatever fits for them.

You’ve played both Leno and Letterman now, which show was more fun to play?

I think most of the band liked Leno, he was real laid back. I personally liked Letterman, I mean I like the Letterman Show better so playing it was great. It was cold, it was gritty, it was New York. I love that city.

You’ve been compared to the Killers. Do you guys like being compared to a band that’s already established?

I can’t say that we don’t like it but I really don’t think we sound like them at all. It was an early marketing ploy by our UK record label and I guess that must have stuck in some people’s heads.

How does it feel to be on huge record label, Epic?

We love our publicists, Big Hassle. Steven is a miracle worker. We have to pay for the publicist with our own money though…

What are your thoughts on music piracy? Does it matter how a fan listens to your music as long as they’re listening?

I’m not going to lie, we’re not banking on record sales to make money. In this day and age, that’s just not feasible. We’re more focused on getting our songs licensed to TV shows or using them in advertising, that’s where the money is. I mean we were on an episode of One Tree Hill. That’s what really brings in the money (watch video). So I guess as long as people are listening to our music, I don’t really care.

We really would appreciate it if fans bought our music, especially right now.

You guys formed in 2002. What happened in those 5 years leading up to your EP release?

We had some time for artist development in there. We went to Europe and got to play in front of live crowds over there. That’s where a lot of our songs turned into real songs. Not many bands get that today. We’re pretty lucky.

Have you been on a national tour before?

This is really our first big tour. We started with a small west coast tour this summer and we played the Pemberton Festival this year. Oh, and we played a show here in Chicago a few weeks ago at the Cubby Bear, it was a warm-up for the Santogold Tour. Santogold was recently reviewed on the Dead Hub here.

What made you decide to play at the Cubby Bear?

They paid us a lot of money…well a lot of money for us at least.

How much?

How’s the crowd reaction been so far on this tour?

It’s been pretty good. We played Toronto and there were only like 20 people, but other than that it’s been good. It seems like each night there’s a few more people.

Are there plans for a headlining tour yet? I know I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Not headlining but when this tour ends we’re trying to get on with the Ting Tings. Their tour starts October 17th in Texas. After that hopefully we’ll go on with Barcelona and then we’ll be back for another stop in Chicago. Everything is still in talks so we’re not sure yet.

(Since I talked with Howie, a banner on Barcelona‘s myspace popped up advertising the co-headlining tour. Tickets went on sale October 4th even though I couldn’t find any official dates.)

What’s your favorite song to play off the record? Why?

My favorite is “I’ll Be.” We were thinking about doing something a little different and making it our single but Epic was pretty set on “Heart Attack.” We figured it was best to make them happy this early in the game.

What song should be the next single?

Definitely “I’ll Be” and then “Don’t Forget Sister.”

I felt like I was holding the man back from celebrating a hometown show, so with that, we parted ways. Howie headed to the nearest bar with his entourage that was impatiently waiting outside for him and I…well, I hopped on the nearest red line train headed north. Oh, the life of an up and coming rock star…

PS – Thank you to all of Howie’s friends that let me talk with him, I hope you didn’t miss out on too much drinking!

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  1. Natasha Tsaconas says:

    sexy picture. and i totally didn’t get that it was an interview until like halfway down. but other than that. i guess it wasn’t bad.


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