Brazilian Girls @ The House of Blues

The Brazilian Girls
The House of Blues – Chicago, IL

The Brazilian Girls The House of Blues - Chicago, IL 10/3/2008

Despite their name, the Brazilian Girls are not from Brazil and only have one female member. Lead singer Sabina Sciubba sings in about five different languages, and summing up their music in one word is very hard to do. They’re commonly described as “world” music and I’d say that’s fitting because this New York band’s sound contains everything from electronica to reggae. Mostly electronic/dance/bossanova/whatever else you can think of. All around a very eclectic sound.

Brazilian Girls released their self-titled debut album back in 2005 and followed that up with 2006’s Talk To La Bomb. They released their third studio album New York this past August.

The Brazilian Girls The House of Blues - Chicago, IL 10/3/2008

For me, Brazilian Girls have always had good songs but I’ve never been attached to any of their albums. I’ve always heard good things about their shows so I wanted to check them out and on Friday they played at the House of Blues.

Sabina Sciubba strolled out in a flowing, almost see-through white gown that later transformed into a cape as she revealed a flesh colored bodysuit and her pregnant belly. With five months into her pregnancy she looked amazing and I enjoyed the way she carried herself. Her stage presence is an excellent display of female empowerment but not like a rough “one of guys” type, instead a more stylish and strong presence. She’s a beautiful woman and embracing her belly just reinforced that.

The Brazilian Girls The House of Blues - Chicago, IL 10/3/2008Opening with the low tone of “Strangeboy”, Brazilian Girls ran through most of their new album New York including “St. Petersberg”, “Berlin” and “Ricardo”. They also took it back to Talk To La Bomb with “Sexy Asshole”. While I didn’t get to hear my favorite BG track “Last Call”, I did settle for the fantastic drum line off “Internacional”.

Some performances don’t need all the hype and rowdiness to make a great show. Brazilian Girls is an excellent example of that. This show was very relaxed but had just enough energy that was perfect for dancing.

Rarely do I get to hear a band just break down and play the music but for a good portion of the show we were treated to a nice instrumental set that displayed BG’s worldly sound.

The Brazilian Girls The House of Blues - Chicago, IL 10/3/2008

Closing the show with the raunchy anthem “Pussy”, it sure was something to experience when the entire House of Blues is singing “Pussy, Pussy, Pussy Marijuana!” over and over. Pretty funny actually. No, our mothers would not be proud but in all fairness it is a great song.

There was no photo pit for this show so landing a good spot to shoot was a challenge but I worked it out. The dim lighting also didn’t help my photographic efforts but the backdrop for this show is what helped set the atmosphere.

A mixed crowd and a good vibe – I have no complaints.

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