Sarah Palin, They Don’t Care!


Ok, so first off I should mention that I don’t watch music videos, I hate MTV, and I really don’t care for Fall Out Boy but, while channel surfing, I stumbled on Fall Out Boy’s video for “I Don’t Care.” Maybe it was the thieving nuns, maybe it was was the flasher, and it was definitely Pete Wentz getting knocked out for being a douche, but I did find the video mildly entertaining…the video people, not the song. Aside from the terrible song, the highlight to the video comes in the last 10 seconds with a guest appearance by Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Now I have no idea what they were trying to say by putting a look-alike to everyone’s favorite Alaskan soccer mom but I’m really not going to devote much time or energy to it; they lost my interest after Take This To Your Grave. After all, Chicago is so five years ago by now. You can watch the video here or click on the image above to view it.

I honestly don’t have a clue what they’re trying to get at but kudos on the Palin jab anyways, whatever it means.

If you have an idea about what it could mean, post it in the comments.

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  1. Natasha Tsaconas says:

    way to not have an answer for us readers. but my intelligible guess is that they were high and thought it would be funny. who wouldn’t want their music video to end with such a brilliant woman?

  2. emily says:

    I didn’t think it was a jab at first I thought Sarah was in on it being like “Call Me a slut call my Daughter a slut But I don’t Care”

  3. emily says:

    And oh yeah Lay Off Fall Out Boy Don’t judge unless you think you can do better, and btw i hate how journalists think that to be succesful you have to be a total asshole much like yourself

  4. Andy Keil says:

    You have to be an idiot to think Sarah Palin would be in on that…really? FOB is in full support of Chicago’s very own Mr. Obama:

    Grow up.

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