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Kaki King @ The Park West

Kaki King
Park West – Chicago, IL

Kaki King Park West - Chicago, IL 10/13/2008

Kaki King is known for her unusual technique for playing the guitar. An amazing musician, the Atlanta native slams and rubs against the frets of her guitar and has spectacular picking talents.

I first heard of Kaki King when 2004’s Legs to Make Us Longer was out. One morning, the sound system at work was blasting this loud, very rhythmic instrumental piece and I had to find out who it was. The co-worker who brought it in showed me the album and I ended up buying the CD that day.

Everybody Loves You (2003) and Until We Felt Red (2006) are also out on Velour Recordings.

King recently toured with the Foo Fighters, whom she’s also lent her talents on their latest album Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace. She’s currently out promoting her latest album Dreaming of Revenge.

Kaki King Park West - Chicago, IL 10/13/2008I must admit that I prefer her instrumental material over her singing. Once she starts singing she morphs into a regular singer/songwriter with not much that separates her from the rest. Her singing efforts can’t compare to her guitar playing so I’ll always recommend her based on that.

Monday’s show at the Park West kicked off right at 7:30 with people creeping in throughout the night. She performed with The Mountain Goats who are excellent musicians as well. Together they sent vibrations throughout the entire venue that left me feeling exhausted for them. Park West is an excellent venue for these types of shows so next time I’ll get there early to grab a seat because standing through this show wasn’t much fun. It just wasn’t that type of energy I guess.

In short, Kaki King is a brilliant guitar player and anyone who can appreciate such talent should catch Ms. King do her thing.

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