Vulture Whale has Business with CMJ and Your Stereo!

Click Here To Listen To “Sugar”

If your ears and stereo have not set up a meeting with the first Vulture
Whale record, they might want to sort that out! The straight-up and
earnest rock effort from this Birmingham, AL bands band will keep you
and your boom box on the best of terms.

Vulture Whale to release their sophomore effort in early 09 on Skybucket

New Tour Dates:
10.18- Egan’s w/ Blaine Duncan and the Lookers- Tuscaloosa, Alabama
10.19- Hell’s Kitchen w/ Arkadelphia – Wilmington, North Carolina
10.20- The Compound w/ Arkadelphia –  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
10.21- CMJ- The National Underground NYC –  New York, New York
10.23- The Water Heater w/ Arkadelphia – Roanoke, Virginia
10.24- Barley’s Tap Room w/ Arkadelphia –  Knoxville, Tennessee
10.25- Sewanee w/Arkadelphia –  Sewanee, Tennessee
11.15-  Hummingbird-  Macon, Georgia
12.12- Caledonia w/ The Dexateens-  Athens
12.13 – The Basement w/ The Dexateens and Glossary- Nashville

Press from Vulture Whales debut:
There is a new sound brewing in the Old South. Birmingham, Alabama
Vulture Whale is angular power pop just as indebted to the vibes of
black-leather-jacketed Tom Verlaine and Lou Reed as they are to their
Dixie homeland.
– Pop Culture Press

…an entertaining collection of rock songs.
-All Music Guide

…pure rock and roll goodness where rockabilly, classic Southern rock,
and indie rock live together in a secretive polygamist marriage.
-Erasing Clouds

Really great indie rock from Wes McDonald. Kinda like Polak run-up with
Dinosaur Jr.
-Hybrid Magazine

Vulture Whale gets it right with this self-titled debut, and their
future releases will undoubtedly be just as exciting.
-Delusions of Adequacy

…this is a band I wish I could see live.”
-Asheville Disclaimer

More on Vulture Whale:
Take the songwriting abilities of do-it-all Wes McDonald, honed from
years of idea-capturing and self-recording. Here’s a guy who cranks out
an album every year and never lets a good lyric get away even if he has
to pop into the stairwell real quick and write it on his hand with his
trusty Sharpie. Wes has recorded five solo albums, two with Athens, GA
band The Ohms, two under the pseudonym Terry Ohms, and has produced
records for dozens of bands.

Now take Lester Nuby, seasoned multi-instrumentalist, and rock veteran
who drummed with Verbena, and played on countless other projects while
somehow living in both Birmingham, AL and Los Angeles. With his
crazy-good ear for harmonies and his what-you-want-to-do-on-your-
axe-when-you-get-home guitar treatments,

he packs all kinds of tanned flesh onto the growing body of Vulture
Whale¹s work. VW has recorded two albums in the last two years.

Then you got this Keelan Parrish character who got all good at the bass
living in Clanton and Auburn. Keelan is the band muscle, who also lends
his sturdy dirty hands to the ongoing beautification of the band¹s
rehearsal/studio space/headquarters in Birmingham. His bass playing is
as locked-in as that construction worker next door who starts hammering
YYZ at 7:05 in the morning so incessantly that you begin tapping or
humming along into your pillow. By the way that guy next door hammering
probably IS Keelan.

Check out Jake Waitzman on drums. He’s known Wes and Les since junior
high, and now the four of them can do that sibling ESP thing when they
sit down or stand up to arrange a song. Jake has a style all his own
that seems to borrow from every cool drum thing you¹ve ever heard while
keeping mad tasty hi-hat time and flaring up right at the perfect moment
to give way to the next direction of these addictively crafted rock songs.

Vulture Whale’s second self-produced record, scheduled for release in
early 2009, is further proof of a close-knit rock band hitting their
stride. The album, mixed by Mark Rains, will be released on Skybucket
Records (Dexateens, 13ghosts, Barton Carroll), also out of Birmingham.
The tracks cover the basic necessities of an album your stereo will
savor and not spit out anytime soon. Clever, plain spoken and often
brutally honest lyrics sit atop inventive, catchy melodies and are
underscored by lush, thumpy, grooved-out arrangements. The songs swoop
in and grasp, delivering the listener safely to the rugged but somehow
familiar lair of the Vulture Whale. So, set up that meeting with your
stereo to receive the business.

Track Listing:

1. Teedy
2. Thought Eyes
3. Head Turner
4. Guillotine
5. Sugar
6. Sum Yung Scientist
7. Tote It To Cleveland, AL
8. The Waves
9. What Do
10. That¹s Cold
11. Ever Body

For more information contact, Samantha Tillman at Tell All Your Friends

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