TV On The Radio Rocks The Riv

TV On The Radio
The Riviera – Chicago, IL

TV On The Radio The Riviera - Chicago, IL 10/22/2008

I always have trouble trying to explain TV On The Radio’s sound. The closest I can think of would be electro-rock with more rock than electro, but not really – a little jazzy but a young jazzy – sometimes random but not out of control – a little punk influence and maybe some hip hop tossed in a little. ….Does that help? Maybe not.

TV On The Radio The Riviera - Chicago, IL 10/22/2008I just refer to them as “a good band”. That would be the most accurate term I can provide. They’ve received lots of praise from many popular music outlets and 2006’s Return to Cookie Mountain was on almost every top 10 lists that year.

TV on the Radio’s latest album Dear Science was released last month and they took the stage at The Riviera Theatre Wednesday night with Dirtbombs opening.

Seeing as how I’ve never been able to catch this group live , I wasn’t sure what to expect but still excited nonetheless. I arrived in between sets and I had just enough time to head towards the front and get in a couple jokes with the security guard who was guarding the barricades. (It’s important to be nice to those guys because in reality, they’re the ones running the show.)

Anyway, I met up with a friend, who arrived late, so we didn’t land a good spot. It was almost as if everyone in Chicago who’s over 6 foot tall attended this show; the Riv was packed! No matter where I tried to place myself, I couldn’t see a thing. We had to make a move when he said something that I hadn’t given much thought….

“I don’t know. This is like an adult rock show you know, it’s not like Bad Religion or something where I can go pushing through the crowd.”

I thought that statement was funny but it in a way true. TV On The Radio’s following does seem to be more mature crowd but I wouldn’t go as far as to call them old.

We eventually ended up in the balcony where I realized was actually the best place to be because I had a perfect view for “Wolf Like Me“! (my favorite part of the night).

Lead singer Tunde Adepimpe gave so much energy and broke a sweat in no time.TVOTR ran through Return to Cookie Mountain like nothing and of course a little from Dear Science. So effortless and still great.

An entire horn section, keyboards and a drummer who is amazing! At one point the amount of people on stage doubled and each one had an instrument in hand, adding more and more to an already great performance.

TV On The Radio have so much to offer. I walked out satisfied.

Photos of TV on the Radio:

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