Austin Power Trio White Denim release “Exposion” on Digital and Vinyl, Presented by Transmission Entertainment

The digital release is now available via the band’s website,

Subscribers will get things like limited 7″, limited live tracks, videos, artwork by Steve and the album is available in FLAC format.

White Denim will celebrating the release at the FunFunFun Fest afterparty on 11.8  with Dead Confederate at the Mohawk in Austin

White Denim just popped in to NYC for a pair of shows at NYC’s Mercury Lounge and Union Hall after their blistering set at Icelandic Airwaves

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Earvolution Mercury Lounge review:
White Denim exhibits the finesse and fine understanding of such art-rock bands as Television and The Talking Heads. At the Mercury Lounge, all pretenses were dropped: it was raw, it was brutal, it was uncultured, it was beautiful, it was fantastic and it was awesome. In no uncertain terms, it was everything rock and roll should be.

NY Times on ACL show:
“White Denim, an Austin three-piece with a slashing, raucous, elastic rapport, played on a secondary stage to a relatively sparse crowd – it was up against the Raconteurs and Gnarls Barkley – but made its point in a way that felt both focused and unhinged. “Don’t Look That Way at It,” from the band’s forthcoming full-length debut album, featured an epic roil of pounding toms, wordless vocals and a surprising, squiggly guitar riff.”

White Denim was recently nominated for an Uncut Award

White Denim will make their 3rd trek across the pond!

Also, their superb UK/European debut album Workout Holiday, will be seeing a reissue planned for November 17, 2008. The new version will contain 5 bonus tracks, including the original demo version of ‘Sitting’ and 4 brand new songs.

White Denim has gained accolades from fans and critics alike for their blues infused music riot. The band took over this years SXSW with cheers from worldwide press and much love for their cracklin’ psychedelic tunes.

US audiences have patiently waited but now they finally have their White Denim!
Exposion out on Transmission Entertainment on 11.11

Click Here To Check Out Their Video For Shake Shake Shake

Press flips out for White Denim:
Rolling Stone: Fricke’s Picks
“Like Ike and Tina Turner….. White Denim never do anything nice and easy. The bands chopped up punk delirium is effortless sorcery, evoking Talking Heads’ dancing-bones rock, the dervish thrash of the Minutemen and the Strokes’ pneumatic-guitar pop…White Denim is not simple work, but everything you get is nice and rough.”

Rolling Stone: Breaking Band
“On their loud and raw EP Let’s Talk About It, which was written and recorded in a 1940s Spartan trailer, the band combines the Stooges’ raw power, Hendrix’s psychedelic flourishes and the White Stripes’ stripped-down blues rock.”

Spin Magazine: Hot List
“You can play eye spy with the musical landmarks flying by in these Austin rockers tunes: There’s a Stooges riff! Mitch Mitchell’s tom-tom fill from “Fire”! A disco beat! What’s that wind chime doing there. Luckily, their sense of structure and pop hooks act as aural Dramamine.”

NY Times:
“The Austin trio that can sound like the Ventures transplanted to Texas, psychedelic catapulted toward math-rock, ZZ Top on a caffeine binge or the early Talking Heads with a chip on their shoulder. White Denim should the the proverbial hard act to follow.”

The Fader:
“White Denim has been grooming their rock mammoths on the road. They’re sure to refresh your memories of hearing classic sounds for the very first time- like when you discovered “Jimi Hendrix’s “Star Spangled Banner” the summer before starting junior high school or the time your dad popped in “Tusk” while you were learning to drive”.

Dazed and Confused:
“They create a raucous garage-rock racket that sounds chaotic at first, but is anything but- a solid driving groove that underpins everything they do, while the three of them tweak and tease their clattering juggernauts of songs in a different direction every time they play them.”

The Guardian:
“…nobody has done it this well in eons”

“…earning a place among 2008’s essential acts…”

Dazed and Confused:
“One of the most exciting new bands of the year!”

The 10 Best Bands at SXSW
“The real winner of SXSW this year was the mighty wah -wah pedal, thanks mainly to White Denim’s growling psych-garage.”

Pitchfork gives Let’s Talk About It EP a 7.3

Uncut Playlist:
“Another terrific new act, this time a hysterical garage band from Austin, who remind us variously of MC5 and Devo.”

Austin Chronicle:
Best New Band In Austin

NY Times: SXSW Wrap-up
“A power trio with rocketing punk speed take on the twangy Texas guitar rock.”

Little Bio on White Denim and “Exposion”
In the wake of last years much beloved Let’s Talk About It EP and the free RCRD LBL EP, the Austin based power trio will return stateside to release the self produced, full length “Exposion”.

“Exposion” is a collection of songs recorded by White Denim in the home studio of drummer Joshua Block.  The recordings were made on Saturday afternoons during the spring, summer, and winter months of 2007. This debut reveals the band playing to some of its more subtle strengths, setting itself apart from the group’s existing output by unfolding more slowly and methodically. Only during the beginning half of side two do we hear the mad urgency displayed in the majority of the trio’s previous work. What we come to know by the end of this record is a band unafraid to take risks.

The three balance familiarity and originality with unassuming confidence, taking great joy in every aspect of the music. “Exposion” is the work of three friends negotiating with infinite possibility.

For more information contact: Samantha Tillman at:

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