Eminem’s Return: Relapse

Is Eminem’s Relapse coming out two days before Christmas? According to Amazon.com, Slim Shady’s return may be dropping December 23rd. Interscope hasn’t released official word about Relapse’s release date, and Amazon has altered the listing to the vague “TBD” since news of the pre-order page spread; Amazon has proven to be a trustworthy oracle regarding albums that were not yet announced. In the past year, both the Raconteurs’ surprise release of Consolers of the Lonely and Rivers Cuomo’s upcoming Alone II were revealed via Amazon pre-order pages rather than traditional press releases. Plus, Em himself hinted that Relapse could be out before the end of the year, and two days before the most marketable day of the year makes more sense from a sales standpoint than a post-Christmas release.



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