Love Ride’s 25th Anniversary in Pomona, California

Love Ride concert 3

It was a beautiful day for a ride on Sunday. Thousands of bikers, or “Bi-Wheeled Americans” as Jay Leno said, were out en force participating in this 25th Anniversary Harley Davidson Love Ride.

The day started early for many, as the day’s festivities started at the Glendale Harley Dealership. The celebrity press conference started at 8:40 AM. Lorenzo Lamas sang the National Anthem to open the conference. Jay Leno, Robert Patrick, Peter Fonda, Oliver Shokouh, and Willie G. Davidson, former Guns n’ Roses Bass player Duff, and Lorenzo Lamas were there to kick off the ride and tell everybody how excited they were for all the riders participation. Many of the celebrities there were not there just to be there; they were there supporting the cause of helping children in need and many rode their own bikes to the kick-off.

Love Ride concert 4Promptly after the press conference, people in cars and bikes headed for their vehicles in a mass exodus. The massive bike parade started around 9:30 a.m. when everyone on their bikes took off from the Glendale dealership and headed to the Pomona Fairgrounds for the fun that was awaiting there.

The day included all kinds of vendors on-site and ready to sell everything from custom bikes to bike insurance. There was also plenty of parking. One could spend the entire day walking around the parking lot looking at all the bikes and paint jobs. The sea of bikes from Harleys to Indians was a spectacular sight to see.

The highlights of the day were the performances from Foo Fighters and ZZ Top. The crowd came early to get close to the stage. Everyone was excited to see Foo Fighters and ZZ Top. Before and after each performance the Love Ride Ambassadors would go up on stage and discuss what Love Ride was all about. They would bring children onstage that are benefiting from the Love Ride’s donations. It was touching to see. It’s not just a ride Jay and Oliver took one day 25 years ago. It’s a ride that started 25 years ago with two and has brightened the lives of many unfortunate youngsters since. Their ride that started all those years ago has grown to thousands and marks a great day of fun for many riders.

List of Beneficiaries of Love Ride Donations:

Muscular Dystrophy Association
Reading by 9
Providence: Saint Joseph Foundation
Special Olympics: Southern California
Childrens Hospital: Los Angeles
Autism Speaks
Frostig Center: Helping Children Learn with Disabilities
United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation
Scleroderma Research Foundation
Optimist: Youth Homes and Family Services
Glendale Community College
Catholic Big Brothers Big Sisters
Diabetes Institute

Pictures from the morning festivities are below. There were 25 celebrity ambassadors for the 25th Anniversary of the event. After talking with some of the celebrities, this is not their first Love Ride.

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the pictures:







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